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Use dirty chalk erasers, lockers, and your map to avoid being seen and collect 7 notebooks.
— Stealthy Challenge description

The Dirty Chalk Eraser is an inventory item in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The Dirty Chalk Eraser is a photo-realistic chalk eraser which has black felt and a wooden handle.


Main gameplay

Dirty Chalk Eraser in-game.

Dirty Chalk Eraser when used.

The Dirty Chalk Eraser produces white dust clouds when used. While in the dust cloud:

  • Baldi cannot see the player.
  • Principal of the Thing cannot see the player breaking the rules, thus he cannot send them to detention.
  • Playtime will not notice the player and cannot play her jump rope minigame with them unless she sees them.
  • Arts and Crafters cannot see the player when all the notebooks are collected, and therefore he cannot charge at them while behind the dust cloud.
  • Beans cannot see the player and will not spit the bubble gum at them.
  • Mrs. Pomp cannot see the player, therefore she will not tell them to get to her class.
  • The Test cannot see them, which means the player cannot be blinded.
  • 1st Prize cannot see the player, so he will not move towards them.

After a while, the characters will in to other directions. However, there could be a chance of them wandering towards the player and seeing them, unless they are in the corner of a room.

Even if the player is in the dust cloud, if other characters head to the same chunk where the player is on, they can see and interact with them.


In the Stealthy Challenge, the player starts with their inventory completely filled with Dirty Chalk Eraser items. The Dirty Chalk Eraser, along with the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar, are one of the few items to collect and can be used to hide from the Principal of the Thing clones.


Main gameplay


Dirty Chalk Eraser in Johnny's Store.

Being common, the Dirty Chalk Eraser can be found in both faculty rooms and classrooms. They can also be bought in Johnny's Store for 75 You Thought Points.

Endless Mode - Medium

There are two Dirty Chalk Erasers found in a faculty room along with a WD-NoSquee.

Other appearances

The Dirty Chalk Eraser when used in the demos.


  • The item was first found in the C-sharp for the Full Game Early Demo in DnSpy, in the "Items" part of the code. The Dirty Chalk Eraser was later introduced in the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.
  • The store description for the Dirty Chalk Eraser.

    In the item's store description, the word "friends" is misspelled as "freinds".


  • After completing a field trip, the dust cloud disappears, but its effect still lasts.
  • The sprite of the dust cloud will not be affected by The Test's blind effect or the fog event.
  • Prior to V0.3.5, Beans could spit gum at the player even if they were hiding in the dust cloud.