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The Dangerous Teleporter is an inventory item in the Baldi's Basics series.


The Dangerous Teleporter is a 3D-modeled purple remote control with a gray antenna with a red ball at the end and a large red button. The antenna is similar to the one on the You Can Think Pad in Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash, and Classic Remastered.


Using the Dangerous Teleporter causes the player to stop moving and repeatedly teleport to random locations in the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse rapidly, repeating a loud "teleportation" sound each time the player teleports. Eventually the teleporting slows down and then stops, leaving the player in a random location. Until teleporting is over, none of the characters can interact with them.

The item is used as an advantage against the characters:

However, the item can backfire on the player as it may teleport them to a location that is closer to any character including Baldi. Rarely, it will teleport the player to the same location when this item is used.


A Dangerous Teleporter in the mystery room.

The Dangerous Teleporter at Johnny's Store.

The Dangerous Teleporter is the rarest to find, as it can only be located in the mystery room. The only other way to get this item is buying it from Johnny's Store for 100 You Thought Points.

Other appearances

  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, this item is named as "Teleportation Teleporter" and it is found randomly from presents across the Schoolhouse and the Crazy Item machines. This item is also used to find filename2 in the main Schoolhouse areas outside of the glitched school. However, while it is being used, the player's stamina does not refill itself. In addition, the stamina depletes while running.
  • In Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, the only way to get this item is by getting it from the mystery room, as Johnny's Store is not implemented in this demo.


  • In one of the Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2 teasers featuring Johnny's Store, the original price would be 200 You Thought Points, but it was halved when this version was released.
  • Teleporting to Mrs. Pomp's classroom until the item's effect ends while her timer is ticking down also counts as entering her classroom.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • There is a small chance that the player will teleport inside Baldi's Math Machine or the merry-go-round in the playground. This glitch will also occur when Arts and Crafters teleports the player.
  • Using it at the "ending" prior to V0.3 would freeze the player permanently, but they could turn around and look back.
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • Using this item while on top of the hovering elevator platform to teleport to a random location before blowing out the cake's candle at the end will soft-lock the game, as there is no way to get back on the platform.


Audio Caption Description
*BREOW!* The Dangerous Teleporter's sound played whenever the player teleports to a random location.