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UnusedIcon.png This article lists existing features that were cut, in other words: unused, scrapped, or removed. These can be found in the game files, older updates, or pre-released/reworked content.

The subjects as leaked in the game's promotional image.

There are several subjects ultimately scrapped during the first development on Baldi's Basics Classic.

mystman12 originally planned to add more subjects than just math, including spelling, history, science, geography, geology, and English. He also intended for every classroom to have a name for each subject. Later however, he realized that some subjects (history and spelling) alienate players that live outside of the USA. These people would not be familiar with American history nor English, thus making it difficult for them solve the questions. Because of this and time constraints, he decided not to include them, leaving math as the only subject in Baldi's Basics Classic.[1]

As revealed in an interview for a Lost Bits video, the only other subject he even started to work on was spelling, which has an unused voice clip that would have been said by Baldi.[2]

mystman12 did confirm that more subjects will be added for Baldi's Basics Plus' release, but will probably focus more on logic-based subjects rather than fact-based, like arithmetic, geometry, patterns, etc.[3][4]

Upon hacking, all seven notebooks are revealed to have unused assigned subjects.

Notebook Subject
NbBlack.png Science
NotebookSheet 1.png Spelling
NotebookSheet 2.png Geology
NotebookSheet 3.png English
NotebookSheet 4.png History
NotebookSheet 5.png Math
NotebookSheet 6.png Geography


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