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UnusedIcon.png This article lists existing features that were cut, in other words: unused, scrapped, or removed. These can be found in the game files, older updates, or pre-released/reworked content.

A list of characters that ended up scrapped during development or removed in the Baldi's Basics series.


Pencil Boy

While developing Baldi's Basics Classic before releasing, there is a scrapped character referred to as "Pencil Boy", described as a little kid who would have come towards the player and stabbed them with pencils.[1] If Principal of the Thing saw this happening, then he would be brought to detention, as evident by his unused quote, "No stabbing people with pencils in the halls!". mystman12 scrapped Pencil Boy upon realizing how annoying he could be for players.[2]

Pencil Boy is based on a story from when mystman12 was young, and was visiting the dentist. While he was waiting in the waiting room, a small child supposedly stabbed him with a pencil multiple times. Due to his mother's absence at the time, nothing was done about it. It is unknown how far Pencil Boy was developed before being scrapped, and it is also unclear if his sprite was based on either a 3D model, drawing, or photo-crop. mystman12 has said that if he had put Pencil Boy in the game, he thought it would have made the game much funnier.

While Pencil Boy has a little-to-no chance to be included in Baldi's Basics Plus, mystman12 currently confirmed that he still did not get any better plan for Pencil Boy's AI.[3]

Tutorial tape recorder

In the first version of Baldi's Basics Classic, the noise the tape recorder or pay phone made was a placeholder sound, that instead plays the voice giving tutorials. It is a male voice that occasionally stutters when speaking, giving the player some advice on what some NPCs do from the tape player. In the next update, it was entirely replaced by a buzzing noise. According to mystman12 in the second Baldi's Basics Classic Lost Bits video, this character was removed because nobody was listening to what the tapes said and that it was not very obvious that it was distracting Baldi.[4]

Quote Transcript
*clears throat* Is this, Okay. *clears throat* If you're hearing this then there's still a chance. Um, I should probably give you some pointers. Uh, well this is tape recording 1. Um, If you can hear this- I- I already said that. Th- You're gonna need, you're gonna need some tips. Um, most important thing, the- the teacher, the Baldi guy, you gotta- don't let him touch you. If he reaches you that's the end.. of.. everything. So don't let him touch you, just stay away from him. He can follow you based off sound, if you make noises he'll figure out when here- where that noise came from, so try to be quiet. However, there is one thing- one way you can use advantage of that. Loud noises such as this one will distract him from quieter noises, so as long as this is playing you can make quieter noises and he won't bother to look for them- he won't hear them until he figures out that this noise isn't you. So just yeah- be quiet and use noise to your advantage. Don't let Baldi touch you. Okay uh- uh- oh my gosh.
Uh, this is tape recording number 2. Um, one- one thing you gotta watch out for is Principal of the Thing, the- the creepy guy. He's like, sliding around, um... He- he- he will ignore you, just fine, unless you're breaking one of the rules. If- if you're breaking any of the school rules, like running, or he catches you in a faculty only room, or if he sees you eating something, he will come after you and at that point there's no escape. He- he knows where you are, even if you go out of sight, you can't hide, so... Basically, he touches you and then he takes you to detention, which is bad, because while you're in detention, Baldi can come in and y'know reach you, which you know, you can't- you can't let that happen, it's really... really bad. So um just... when you- when you see him don't panic, just- just... don't break any of the rules unless you- unless you absolutely have to. Just like, just be careful around him. Just... y'know walk past, stay cool... and um, s-stay cool... uh... uh... uh...
Tape recording number 3. Um... Playtime, the little girl with the jump rope um... *clears throat* She's um... She- she will see you and she will run after you, but um... sometimes if you're lucky she'll trip which is- that's good run away while you can. Um, if she reaches you she will force you to play jump rope, and you won't be able to leave until you get like something like 10 jumps or something, uh in a row, so you have to just y'know, again- you stay calm, uh... Ge-get the jumps, get them good, get them real great, and um... just- even if you see Baldi coming towards you, just stay calm and just finish jump roping, and then you can make a- make a um, get-away whatever you say, um... um... that's good... right there...
Tape recording number 4. Um... the sockpuppet... um... I'm not really sure about that thing. It just seems to wander... It just seems to stay away from you. Um... kinda shy, seems kinda shy, like he- he just kinda goes away if you look at him. Um... and he never comes- I've never seen him come close to anybody, so... you probably don't need to worry about him. Um... but like, then again you never really know with- with these... these things um, but that's... that's all I know about sockpuppet, I think his name is like "Arts and Crafters" or something, but don't quote me on that one. Um... yeah... that's... can't really... can't really- oh my gosh hold on I gotta go.
Uh tape recording number 5... um... I forgot um... "Gotta Sweep", he's the janitor. Um he just... all he does really is he- he comes out of his janitor's closet ever so often and... runs around real fast sweeping. If he touches you... or anything for that matter um... then he'll just sweep you up along. You- you can use this to your advantage if you need to get somewhere you'll get away fast, but also keep in mind that if he sweeps up one of the characters, or you know. He's gonna take them quite a distance so... he- y'know he picks up something like Baldi or something you'd better... you'd better run or get out of the way, um. You can get out of his sweeping, i-it can be quite difficult at times, um. But yeah he only pops out a few times, he doesn't target anything in particular he just goes around randomly and... just sometimes gets in your way so, um... yeah. He keeps the place clean too which is nice... *clears throat* but... that's about all that's really that nice, about everything here going on... uhh... yeah, okay um... I gotta go, again.


A list of animals in the coding scripts.

There is a reference to a gorilla in the code of the farm field trip since Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.2 that never got implemented.


Main article: Comic-exclusive character#TimTom

TimTom is a character from the Baldimore comic series, first appearing in the Ice Block comic, where TimTom throws a ball at Baldi's head.

He was intended to appear in Baldi's Basics Plus, but it was cancelled due to an unknown reason.


  • PlaceFace, who was first used as a test character during the game's production, used to be entirely cut before the V1.1 update of Field Trip demo, where he was added as an Easter egg. He was later added in Baldi's Basics Classic V1.4.1 within the TestRoom.
  • The tutorial tape recorder might have been inspired by Phone Guy from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, as they both provide tutorials and character guides from recorded messages, both are presumably men, and they both occasionally stutter.


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  2. "Nope. Fun fact, that was never an intended item; the original idea was to have a character who would stab you with pencils, and only the principal could get rid of him. I decided not to add the character though because I realized it would be pretty annoying." - mystman12's Kickstarter comment
  3. "Probably not, I still haven't thought of any good ideas for Pencil Boy gameplay wise, and I never actually had any plans for a parrot in the original game (That sound in the game was just an old recording I made years ago that I put in the game for testing)." - mystman12's Twitter DM
  4. "There are two main reasons why I removed the tutorial tapes. One reason was that I noticed that people who were playing the game back in that very first version, they weren't really paying attention to what was being said in the tapes, they just kind of keep playing the game but they didn't seem like they were actually really listening or learning from the tapes. The other reason was because the tapes even in that point in the game were still used to distract Baldi, but having just kind of, you know, audio someone talking didn't really make that clear, so that's why I replaced the tape with a tone, it just made it a bit more obvious that it was doing something to Baldi." - Baldi's Basics Classic LOST BITS (ft. The Developer!) | Unused Content [TetraBitGaming] 5:00-5:33