UnusedIcon This article lists existing features that were cut, in other words: unused, scrapped, or removed. These can be found in the game files, older updates, or pre-released/reworked content.
This is a list of items that ended up scrapped during development or removed from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning or unfinished/still in development.


Using the c-sharp for the game in dnSpy, in the Items part of the code, a lot of items not used for the public demo or the Kickstarter exclusive demo are revealed:
  • Nana Peel
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Football
  • Spy Camera

There could be a chance that they or some of them could be added to the second public demo.

A list of items used in the game's original version, but unused in the public demo:

These listed items are intended to be added for the full game's final release.


  • There was also a placeholder sprite used for testing the items, which was used in the full game public demo. It has been removed from the kickstarter exclusive demo.


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Inventory items

Alarm ClockAn Apple for BaldiBaldi's Least Favorite TapeBSODABig Ol' BootsDangerous TeleporterDirty Chalk EraserEnergy Flavored Zesty BarFaculty NametagGrappling HookPrincipal WhistlePrincipal's KeysQuarterSafety ScissorsSwinging Door LockWD-NoSquee

Objective items




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