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The conveyor belt is an obstacle structure found in Baldi's Basics Plus.


A button that can be pressed to change the direction of the conveyor belt.

A button that can be pressed to change the direction of the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt appears to take on the appearance of a gray airport conveyor or treadmill.


The conveyor belt acts as an object that can either help or harm the player, as it can either slow the player down or speed them up depending on the direction they are walking and the direction of the conveyor belt.

The direction of the conveyor belt can be reversed if the player clicks on an orange button nearby.

The conveyor belt does not affect 1st Prize, Baldi, Beans, and Mrs. Pomp due to them getting stuck on it too easily.[1][2]

The conveyor belt can be used to interrupt Playtime's jump rope mini-game if the player is moved by this structure.

When the player equips the Big Ol' Boots, the conveyor belt will not have any effect on the player at all.

A 1-chunk conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt's length can also be affected by the hallway's structures (e.g. water fountains, lockdown doors, and vending machines), so that sometimes the conveyor belt will be cut off from fully generating.

A conveyor belt without a button.

Some conveyor belts will not have any buttons to change the direction of the conveyor belt.


Main Gameplay


The conveyor belts can only be found in the hallways and appear at random.

Endless Mode - Medium

A conveyor belt can be found in a hallway on the left side of a faculty room with two Dirty Chalk Erasers and a WD-NoSquee. However, there is no button nearby to reverse the direction of the conveyor belt.

Other Appearances


  • It is currently unknown as to why the Super Schoolhouse would need a conveyor belt in a random hallway of the school, other than to deter the player's escape.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • The conveyor belt's texture was also used for the Math Machine's sides prior to V0.2 in randomly generated maps and V0.3.3 in pre-generated maps.
  • When walking down a hallway with a conveyor belt heading in one direction and Cloudy Copter's wind heading in the opposite direction, the forces would cancel out, allowing the player to move around affected by neither Cloudy Copter nor the conveyor belt for however long Cloudy Copter stayed for. However, in the more recent versions, it only makes the player slowly move in Cloudy Copter's direction.[version info needed]

    Two conveyor belts.

    • Playtime's minigame will not be interrupted for a moment during that time.
  • Rarely, there can be two conveyor belts together in a floor.
  • Prior to V0.3.1, there was still a caption for the conveyor belt's sound but it remained unused.
  • An upside-down conveyor belt.

    An upside-down conveyor belt.

    Prior to V0.3.1, only Baldi was immune to the conveyor belt.
  • The conveyor belt can affect characters even if they are in upside-down during the Gravity Chaos event.


Sound Caption Description
*Conveyor belt running* Conveyor belt's main sound.



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  2. "Certain NPCs besides Baldi will now ignore conveyor belts, as they were previously getting stuck on them." - Version 0.3.1 Changelog