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The control mapper from Baldi's Basics Plus.

Controls are a mechanic of the game used to maneuver the player throughout the game. The controls are accessed through the title screen of the game after clicking the "OPTIONS" menu.



Note that the following list of controls can be customized, and can be reverted to its standard version by clicking on the "Restore Defaults" button.

Actions Keyboard Mouse Controller
Horizontal movement X.png Check.png X.png
Strafe right D Check.png X.png
Strafe left A Check.png X.png
Vertical movement X.png Check.png X.png
Move forward W Check.png X.png
Move backward S Check.png X.png
Turn X.png Mouse Horizontal X.png
Turn right Check.png Check.png X.png
Turn left Check.png Check.png X.png
Interact E Left Mouse Button X.png
Use Item Q Right Mouse Button X.png
Run Left Shift Check.png X.png
Look back Space Check.png X.png
Quick map Tab Check.png X.png
Advanced Map M Check.png X.png
Jump Space Check.png X.png
Item select left Check.png Check.png X.png
Item select right Check.png Check.png X.png
Item select axis X.png Mouse Wheel X.png
ItemSelect + Check.png Check.png X.png
ItemSelect - Check.png Check.png X.png
Item 1 1 Check.png X.png
Item 2 2 Check.png X.png
Item 3 3 Check.png X.png
Item 4 4 Check.png X.png
Item 5 5 Check.png X.png
Pause ESC Check.png X.png


The controls menu in the iOS version of Baldi's Basics Classic.

In mobile platforms (Android, iOS, etc.), due to having different functions, the controls cannot be normally customized. However, the player can still customize the controller setup (only in Android) and the UI size. Below is a following list of buttons to touch/tap on:

Action Button
Move around
Look back
CursorSprite Classic.png


  • The player cannot look back, when they are playing jump rope or in the TestRoom.
Baldi's Basics Plus
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In old previous updates before update V1.4, it was difficult to customize the keyboard controls without the feature implemented. The old control list is as follows:
    • WASD - Move
    • Mouse - Look around
    • Left Click - Pick up objects, open doors, other interactions
    • Right Click - Use selected item
    • Scroll Wheel/1/2/3 - Change item selection
    • Shift - Run (Watch your stamina!)
    • Space Bar - Look behind you and wave goodbye to your friends!
  • While the game is paused, the player can only look back.
    • In addition, on the mobile versions, all controls (except the running button on Google Play) can still be clicked and moved.
  • In V1.4.1d, the player can only change the setup for controllers.
    • In V1.4.2, the player can also change the size and the height of the controls.
    • In V1.4.3 on Android, the automatic size option was removed and the default size and height are medium.
    • Prior to the Google Play and the iOS version, the extra small option was not added.
    • The controller setup section is not available in the iOS version.
Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping
  • The player cannot customize the controls and there are lack of item selection keys. In addition, nothing happens when right clicking on the mouse. Instead, the player can press the R key to drop logs to the ground.
    • The player could not drop logs in Baldi's Basics Plus prior to V0.3 because there was no control for such action.


Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In V1.4.1d, the first mobile version of, no controls were added in TestRoom. As a result, the player was not able to move.
    • This issue was fixed in V1.4.2 with the additions of controls.
    • Before the Google Play and the iOS version, the controls were always on normal size when in the TestRoom.
    • In V1.4.3, the sensitivity was decreased. This issue was fixed in the Google Play and the iOS version.
  • In V1.4.1d, there was lack of "ITEM" text on the item button.
    • In V1.4.2, the "ITEM" text only appeared in item button when no item was selected.
    • In V1.4.3, all items didn't appear in the item button. This was fixed in the Google Play and the iOS version.
  • In V1.4.3, even though the size is changed in the menu, it turns back into medium when the game is started. This was fixed in the mobile version.