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A list of locations that only exist in the Baldimore comic strip series.



Baltimore is the main setting for most of the comic strips, Baldi's home city, and a real-life populous city of Maryland in the United States.

Baldimore, the comic's title and Baldi's surname, is a portmanteau of Baltimore along with few other words.

Baltimore Doctor Office

Baltimore Doctor Office, or Baltimore Dr. Office, is a hospital building located in Baltimore. Its primary doctor is Dr. Reflex. The office is also the setting of the Dr. Reflex comic where Baldi gets his reflexes tested.

Baldi's house

Baldi's house is a location in Baltimore where Baldi and his family resides. It is a setting in multiple comics, including Hair Brush, Rag Tom Floppy Shirt, and Realistic Face (briefly).

Outside area

The outside area is a place in the Ice Block comic where the kid players play baseball in which Baldi tries to avoid from getting hit.