— Cloudy Copter as he vanishes.

Cloudy Copter is a character who makes his debut in the field trip demo.


Cloudy Copter is a large, crudely-modeled white cloud object with a shape resembling faintly to a helicopter (hence his name),[1] with two eyes each sporting a black dot as pupils. He has a protruding mouth with six black lines to signify blowing,[2] which were mistaken as whiskers.



Cloudy Copter blowing out the fire.

He will only spawn when the campfire gets bright enough while the Player is far away from it. As soon as he appears, Cloudy Copter will descend towards the campfire and will begin blowing on it, causing the fire to go out twice quicker than normal, and thus making Baldi appear sooner.

The only way to prevent Cloudy Copter from blowing out the fire is to go near the fire, as he will be scared off.


  • He was first added in update V1.1 of Baldi's Basics - Field Trip Demo.
  • Cloudy Copter is inspired by something mystman12 gets creeped out of from another game, but never reveal any details of it.[3]
  • According to mystman12's comment on Baldi's Basics Kickstarter page, Cloudy Copter was originally called "Cumulonincompoop" (portmanteau name of the cumulonimbus cloud [also references his model] and an insulting slang "nincompoop") but was decided to be changed.
  • The sound for Cloudy Copter being scared away is called "PAH" in the game files.
  • When hacking by zooming out of the map, Cloudy Copter can be seen remain idly above the highest sky. Also, when flying up to the sky and get close to him, his "PAH" sound will play rapidly as long as the player stays in front of him.


Quote Transcript Description
Pah! Sound for when the Player scares him away.

Sound Description
Sound for when he's blowing the fire.



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  3. "He's easily the most nonsensical character I've added. :P He's actually inspired by something from another game that always creeped me out... If anyone can figure out what it is, I'll be pretty shocked!" - mystman12. August 19, 2018. Twitter.



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