Classrooms are rooms where the Player can find notebooks in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.


Classrooms are large rooms placed around the school. Every classroom has at least 10 school objects such as desks with chairs, a teacher's desk, blue carpet flooring, a chalkboard with something written on it, pencils and papers on some of the students' desks, and a notebook on the teacher's desk the Player can collect. All classrooms have blue doors with the number 99 on them. Safety Scissors can be found in three of the classrooms.


Occasionally, the Player will be chased into a room by Baldi but may escape by mimicking the opposite of his movement path, effectively running around him to escape. This will set the Player in close quarters with Baldi for a time, making them vulnerable until breaking out of his range of chase.

The Principal of the Thing will occasionally survey classrooms on patrol for suspicious activity, however, he will not pose a threat to the Player unless they are breaking rules.

It's a Bully will never block a classroom from being entered, instead sticking to hallways. The same applies to 1st Prize.


  • Every classroom has roughly 8-10 desks facing one wider desk (assumed to be the "student's" and "teacher's" desks, likewise). They are arranged differently in different rooms, and one even has them all flipped over.
  • Principal of the Thing is the only character that can enter classrooms while passive.
    • Before V1.3.1, Playtime could also be passive while entering, but this was changed.
    • According to mystman12's Twitter, if the Player is extremely unlucky, Baldi can wander into a classroom even when WD-NoSquee is used.[1]



  1. "Baldi really does only know where you are based on audio, or of course if he sees you. The WD-NoSquee item allows you to hide in rooms because Baldi won't hear you go in. (If you're *super* unlucky, he might randomly wander in). You also can't let him see you enter." - mystman12. June 4, 2018. Twitter.



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