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Chunks are cube-shaped areas that are comprised of tiles* including a floor, walls and a ceiling. Multiple chunks are put together to form any floor of the Super Schoolhouse.

Chunks are also affected by lighting, and are able to hold light sources, such as ceiling tile lights or lamps.

One of the reasons there are chunks is because of the custom A* Pathfinding system as it uses G-Costs (The distance between the chunk and the starting point), H-Costs (The distance between the chunk and the ending point), and F-Costs (a combination of the G-Cost and H-Cost).

Prior to V0.3 and in challenge maps, Baldi will move one and a half chunks towards the player every time he slaps his ruler in his hand.


Approximate size of a single chunk.

Every floor in Super Schoolhouse is aligned to a 3D grid (excluding a few models and sprites). All locations are made of chunks. Regular hallways are always one chunk thick and rooms are several chunks long and wide. Every location in Super Schoolhouse is only one chunk high, but not including the playground and the cafeteria in the classic Schoolhouse.

Non Chunk-Aligned Objects


  • Ever since the first version of Baldi's Basics Classic was released, the world was comprised of chunks but did not utilize this fact for rendering until V1.4 with the introduction of chunk based occlusion culling.
  • In Baldi's Basics Plus, the ambience system uses chunks for the location of the sound effect.


  • In the mobile version of Baldi's Basics Classic, the player can clip through a wall into the cafeteria by using a chunk glitch. This glitch has not been replicated in any video yet.