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Characters are the NPCs in Baldi's Basics Plus, which can be students, school staff, and other things in the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse alike. While all of the characters are obstacles to challenge or get away from, Baldi is the only hostile character to cause the game to end by contacting the Player themselves.


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The original cast of characters from left to right: Arts and Crafters, Playtime, 1st Prize, Baldi, It's a Bully, Principal of the Thing, Gotta Sweep, and Cloudy Copter.

All of the characters are designed as 2D sprites, similar to the items and environment objects. For the game´s weird bizarre purpose, the characters lack the stylistic unity. The characters' sprites are scanned with CGI models, flash animation or 2D drawing, and realistic photography. To fit the game's nostalgia themes, most of them are edited with the dithering effect and a lot of size reduction.


Schoolhouse characters

Name Image Description
1st Prize 1stPrize-icon Moves and rotates very slowly. When facing front towards the Player's view, he will rush straight and push the Player.
Arts and Crafters Crafters-icon Avoids the Player at all costs. When all recommended notebooks are collected, if Arts and Crafters is in the Player's point-of-view, he will rush to them in a quick speed, sending the Player to a random location.
Baldi Baldi-icon Appears friendly at first, but becomes the game's only hostility when getting the first quiz problem wrong. Following after the Player, Baldi will speed up each time when the Player collects a notebook. Baldi immediately rushes towards any door the player opens. Baldi Upon contacting the Player when close enough, it leads to an ultimate game over (The Player will lose a life in Baldi's Basics Plus when the Player has more than 1 life left).
Beans Beans-icon Spits a bubble gum wad at the Player and will slow them down. This also applies to other characters (Excluding It's a Bully and Chalkles).
Chalkles Chalkles-icon First located in the blank chalkboard. When observed 15 seconds, Chalkles will emerge out of the chalkboard and rotate around the Player. After 3 seconds, he leaves.
Cloudy Copter Cloudy-icon Slowly moves around the hallways, and blows out a strong wind that can push most characters and even the Player away.
Dr. Reflex TBA Catches and teleports the Player to a room with a prompt for an input, when too close. Requires them to press the displayed input quickly in order to pass his reflex test. If the Player is too slow or presses the wrong button, he will be unhappy.
Gotta Sweep Sweep-icon Resides in the closet. After 120-180 seconds, he becomes active and starts sweeping through the halls. Gotta Sweep can push almost any character that is in his way, except for It's a Bully.
It's a Bully Bully-icon Mostly found blocking the path in hallways. Will take the Player's inventory item and allows them to pass. However if there are no items in the inventory slots, It's a Bully will refuse the Player to get through.
Mrs. Pomp MrsPomp-icon Tells the Player to get to her class in a limited timespan, if they fail to get to her class, she will stomp furiously around the room, attracting Baldi.
Playtime Playtime-icon Wanders around the halls, and if she's a bit close ahead, she will dash towards the Player for a jumprope minigame. Playtime will not let the Player go until completing her minigame or cutting her jumprope with Safety Scissors or when something/someone moves/teleports the Player.
Principal of the Thing Principal-icon Takes the Player to the office for detention upon breaking one of any rules in front of him.
The Test TheTest icon If looking at him and then looking away, he will get closer. Then when contacting the Player, the lights will go out and the school will get dark. The rest of his body will then vanish, leaving only his head. After 2 minutes it will return to normal.

Corrupted/Glitched characters

Filename2 is a mysterious character who appears completely different out of all characters in the game. One of the corrupted files hidden in the game, he is typically aware of the game, breaking the fourth wall by telling the Player to destroy the game before it is too late. In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, some other glitched entities are the SpoopBalloons; the blue, purple, green, and orange SpoopBalloons appear floating aimlessly while the swarm of buzzing red ones will constantly follow after the Player. Both entities' origin or what they came from will have a stronger chance to reveal in Baldi's Basics Plus.

Hidden characters

Minor characters that appear hidden in secret locations as Easter Eggs. They lack their overall personal behavior functions as they take a very small role in the game. These include PlaceFace and 0th Prize.


  • The idea of characters appearing as 3D models, drawings, or photo-cropped may be based on the Cartoon Network animation series The Amazing World of Gumball where it also has a lack of stylistic unity on characters.
  • All 3D-model characters (Baldi, It's a Bully, 1st Prize, Mrs. Pomp, etc.) are made in a 1999 3D-modelling/animation program Anim8or.
  • All 2D-drawn characters are made in GIMP (Playtime and Chalkles) and Paint.NET (Beans).
  • There is a Doppler effect when the characters' voicelines randomly changed high or low in pitch. For instance, it commonly happens with Gotta Sweep when sweeping characters.




The Player

Schoolhouse characters

1st PrizeArts and CraftersBaldiBeansChalklesCloudy CopterDr. ReflexGotta SweepIt's a BullyMrs. PompPlaytimePrincipal of the ThingThe TestTimTom

Easter Egg characters

0th PrizePlaceFace

Corrupted characters




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