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Try your hand at one of Baldi's crazy challenges!
— Description, Baldi's Basics Plus

Challenge Mode, also known as Challenges, is a mode in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The menu from Baldi's Basics Plus.

Challenge Mode contains three challenges the player can choose and play. These challenges usually offer a twist on the game's regular gameplay, mostly by changing certain mechanics or giving certain restrictions to the player.

All of the challenges use pre-generated maps, so the layout is always the same every time the player plays it.

After the player completes a challenge, Baldi's "WOW!" voice will play and he will give the player a realistic thumbs-up, saying: "Wow, you did it! Baldi gives your performance a up! See if you can win them all!".


Name Image Description
Speedy Challenge
Speedy Challenge.png
It's just you and Baldi in this challenge. The catch is, both of you move super fast! Can you think fast enough to collect 25 notebooks and escape the school?
Stealthy Challenge
Stealthy Challenge.png
You've snuck in school after hours! Surely Principal of the Things will be after you. Use dirty chalk erasers, lockers, and your map to avoid being seen and collect 7 notebooks.
Grapple Challenge
Grapple Challenge.png
You're legs might be broken, but thankfully you're equipped with an infinite use grappling hook! See if you can outwit Baldi and his friends when this is your only way to move!


Pick a challenge! Mouse over a challenge to see its description! Good luck!
  • It is planned that the challenges will be unlocked if the player does certain things in the Hide-and-Seek mode, like discovering stuff, reaching certain points in gameplay, completing other challenges, etc.[1]
  • Random events are absent in this mode.


  • After completing a challenge and exiting the game by pressing the Exit transparent.png button, Baldi will not say the "Thanks for playing, come back soon!" quote. Also, when accessing the credits screen, the music will not play.


  1. "My current plan is to unlock challenge maps as you discover stuff in the main game. So for example, you wouldn't unlock the grappling hook challenge map until you find the grappling hook in the main game. I'll probably end up making some challenges unlock by other means, like reaching a certain point in the main game or beating other challenge maps. So while some challenges may be locked behind beating the game, most will not." - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub