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Chalkles is a chalkboard-dwelling character in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Chalkles appears as a scribbled face drawn in chalk. The circular face is drawn with a "mustache", two buck teeth, a comb-over, a button nose, glasses, and two eyes. The left eye is bigger than the right.


Chalkles' description from the Principal's office suggests that he loves causing mischief around the Super Schoolhouse.

Artificial intelligence

Main gameplay

Chalkles appearing in a chalkboard.

Chalkles floating around.

Upon entering the classroom, Chalkles will appear on an empty chalkboard in one of the classrooms, slowly manifesting in it. The player has 15 seconds to leave the classroom before Chalkles pops out. After said time in the room when Chalkles becomes completely solid, he will pop out of the chalkboard and then rotate around the room while making a creepy laugh-like sound, attracting Baldi's attention to Chalkles' location and preventing the player from escaping the classroom for a few seconds.

Chalkles will stay active for at least 25 seconds. After 15 seconds, he ascends to the ceiling, distorting and clipping through. He will finally leave after 10 seconds. At that time, the player will now be able to open the classroom door.

It is, however, possible to escape the room when Chalkles become solid, by:

If the player wears the Faculty Nametag, Chalkles will disappear. Even if the item's effect expires, he will not spawn until they enter the room without the Nametag. However, when using this item after Chalkles spawns, the player cannot open any door right away.

Along with It's a Bully, Beans' bubble gum and using the BSODA to try slowing down or pushing Chalkles will not work.

Other appearances


  • The prototype Chalkles seen in a chalkboard from the Full Game Early Demo.

    One of the chalkboards used since the Full Game Early Demo first shows a hint to Chalkles' existence. Chalkles later made his first physical debut in the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.
  • Although the Principal's Office description refers Chalkles as an "it", mystman12 confirms Chalkles as male.[1]
  • Chalkles' name is likely a pun by the two words "chalk" and "chuckles" mixed together, hence his appearance and laughter.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Chalkles is one of the four characters that can attract Baldi, with the other three being Arts and Crafters, Principal of the Thing, and Mrs. Pomp.
  • The audio files of Chalkles have same prefix (Chk) as the chalkboards' file name, except that it is capitalized.
  • The way Chalkles spins extremely rapidly and distorts through the ceiling is similar to the way Arts and Crafters does when he is about to teleport the player to a random location.
  • He is the smallest character in the game.
  • This is the only character to only appear inside the rooms but not around the hallways.
  • So far, It's a Bully, The Test and Chalkles are the only characters not to visit the party event.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Prior to V0.1.4, there was no fade-in effect when Chalkles is trying to pop out from the chalkboard, though there was in the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.
  • In V0.1.5, Chalkles' sprite on the chalkboard could only be seen if the player was on any sides of the chalkboard due to a rendering error. It could also seem cropped when the player was on almost front by the sides. This has been fixed in V0.2.
  • If the player goes into a classroom from another classroom, Chalkles will not spawn in the classroom the player goes into.


Audio Caption Description
*WARBLING* The sound when Chalkles is about to spawn.
*ANNOYING LAUGHTER* Chalkles' laughter.




  1. "Thanks for the kind words! Chalkles locks the doors to whatever room he spawns in and also gets Baldi's attention, so if you linger in a room with him too long, you might be in trouble!" - mystman12's Kickstarter comment