Let's go camping!
— Baldi

Camping is a field trip in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The camping field trip takes place at almost midnight, surrounded by numerous amounts of identical trees. The center of this area consists of a campfire and some wooden logs as a usage for seats.



The overall area during gameplay.

The Player must scout for firewood in order to keep the campfire going. Baldi will start his pursuit for the Player if the fire goes out. When the Player puts extra firewood into the campfire, they will earn additional points.

Arts and Crafters will charge at the Player if they go behind the "NO" signs. After a few seconds running around, he will teleport the Player near the campfire. Arts and Crafters will even teleport Baldi himself next to the campfire with the Player if the fire is already out, so Baldi will still have a chance to end the Player's trip quest as well.

It's a Bully, hiding in the tree, will sneak at the Player and steal all firewood after the contact. However, he will not move if the Player doesn't have any firewood.

After timer runs out, a message appears in the chalkboard says: "You done it! The fire is really warm! You've earned these prizes!".


  • Gathering more than 3 sticks will slow the Player down, so an advisable strategy is to collect them up to 2 at a time.
  • It's a Bully's arm can be seen poking out from the tree he is hiding behind, so look closely and keep distance in order to not get caught.
  • In the event that the timer is very close to 0 and the Player is too far from the fire to deliver the remaining sticks, it is best to simply run as far from the fire as possible, for when it goes out, Baldi always spawns next to it before chasing the Player. In this case, distance from the burned-out fire will give the Player a little extra time to wait out the last few seconds.



Camping field trip in the Field Trip demo.

  • Revealed in the Field Trip demo, this is a first field trip to be made.
  • When the Field Trip demo was first released before the next update, the forest "wall" textures are not added, exposing more of the dark skies. The "NO" signs are not implemented as well.
  • From the Field Trip and Kickstarter Exclusive demo, Baldi spawns on top of the campfire once the fire goes out. From the full game, he now spawns next to the campfire.
  • In the Field Trip demo, Arts and Crafters can steal the Player's firewood after the contact.
  • In the first version of the Kickstarter exclusive demo, there is an error showing Baldi in his farmer outfit when spawned. It was fixed in V1.1 update.


Audio Description
An outdoor ambience in which crickets chirping can be heard in the environment. Its audio will grow slower the dimmer the campfire gets.



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