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Let's go camping!
— Baldi

Camping is a field trip in Baldi's Basics Plus.



Camping takes place at around midnight, with the tent surrounded by mountains and evergreen trees. Baldi will guide the player about how the field trip works. Each campfire will have a different number which is the answer to each arithmetic problem. The logs that will fall into each campfire have a math question each.

The player needs to click in between campfires to switch them so that each set of logs will fall into the campfire with the number that is the answer to the math question displayed.

There are 3 campfires at the beginning, but after completing the 6th set, another campfire is added, so the player needs to solve 4 questions correctly.

If the player inputs the logs incorrectly, they will lose one star. If the answer to the math problem on the logs is smaller than the campfire's number, the fire burns out and if the answer is bigger, the fire becomes too huge.

After solving 10 sets of questions with at least one star left, a message appears in a chalkboard saying: "You done it! The fires are really warm! You've earned these prizes!". When losing all three stars, it says: "You lost?! Try better next time!".

In the Field Trips mode, camping consists of an infinite number of sets. It will end after there are no stars left. Later, division and 3-digit numbered questions are featured in this mode.


Camping Plus V0.2.2.png

The camping field trip appears completely different prior to V0.3. The center of this area consisted of a campfire. The player had to scout for logs in order to keep the campfire going. Baldi would start his pursuit for the player if the fire goes out. When the player put extra logs into the campfire, they would earn additional points. Other characters also appeared: Arts and Crafters would charge at the player if they go behind the "NO" signs for more than 10 seconds, and after a few seconds running around, he would teleport the player near the campfire along with Baldi himself next to the campfire if the fire is already out, so Baldi would still have a chance to end the player's trip quest as well. Cloudy Copter was floating in mid-air at the beginning, but after 30 seconds or more time later, he would descend into the ground and start blowing wind on the campfire, making it shrink twice faster than normal, but will vanish when the player is near at him. It's a Bully, hiding in the tree, would sneak at the player and steal all logs after the contact, although he will not move if the player does not have any logs. Once he steals logs, he will flee away from the player and not come back.

Other Appearances


Number of failure Stars Rewards
2 1 1 item, 100 YTPs
1 2 3 items, 200 YTPs
0 3 3 items, 300 YTPs


  • Revealed in Field Trip demo, this is the first field trip to be made.
  • The renewed field trip was actually harder while testing V0.3.[1]
  • This field trip has been the first (and so far only) time that multiplication and division problems have been implemented.
  • The sound of the explosion was taken from Warner Bros..
  • Prior to V0.3, even if the player was in the dust cloud, Baldi could find them because the player constantly made noise by themselves and Baldi kept hearing it.
    • However, in the farm field trip, the player did not make a noise. Therefore, if they hide in the dust cloud before Baldi appears, he would not move at all.
  • In Field Trip demo, Arts and Crafters can steal the player's logs after the contact.
  • When Field Trip demo was first released before the next update, the forest "wall" textures were not added, exposing more of the dark skies. The "NO" signs were not implemented as well.
  • From Field Trip demo and Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, Baldi spawns on top of the campfire once the fire goes out. In Baldi's Basics Plus, prior to V0.3, he spawned next to the campfire.



Audio Subtitle Description
*Crickest chirping* (unused) An outdoor ambience in which crickets chirping can be heard in the environment. Prior to V0.3, its audio would grow slower the dimmer the campfire got.
N/A When all campfires have right answers.
When there are campfires with incorrect group of logs.



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Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping


  1. "The current difficulty is actually easier than what I initially had it at, and I toned it down after receiving some feedback from testers. It lasted nearly two minutes before and even had problems going up to the hundreds! I'll definitely continue to balance it. I do want to make sure it's decently challenging though and not just a free way to get three top tier items." - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub