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Night is coming, so we need to keep these fires burning!
— Baldi

The campfire is a campsite fire from camping as a field trip quest in Baldi's Basics Plus.


The campfire has a modeled CGI fire with red, orange, and yellow colors. Underneath the fire are wooden logs.


Main gameplay

The player's job is to keep the fire running. Each campfire contains math answers for the questions which are on the logs. When hovering the mouse between fires, purple arrows will appear and can be clicked to switch the campfires' positions. If logs land into the incorrect campfires, the fires will go out or grow bigger suddenly depending on the answer of these logs, and the player will lose one star. In the Field Trips mode, the score will be added by campfires with correct answers. For example, if there are four campfires and two of them have incorrect answers, the player will get 2 points.

The previous model for the campfire.

Prior to V0.3, the campfire was poorly-drawn, and the wooden logs' design was a model. The player had to put log items in it to keep the fire burning. If the campfire goes out, Baldi would appear next to the logs which were where the campfire was previously on and he will start chasing the player with his ruler. The fire will become smaller when it is getting dimmer. The player would be able to tell how well the campfire was doing based on how big the fire sprite was. The bigger it was, more points the player would earn until the timer reaches to -1. About 30 seconds or more time later, Cloudy Copter would descend into the ground and blow the campfire. He would make the fire reduced twice as fast if the player was not near the fire.

Other appearances

The old campfire in Field Trip demo.

  • Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping is the first time featuring the campfire. When it is getting dimmer, the orange light effect is getting smaller and the fire sprite's size does not decrease. Baldi will spawn on the logs after the fire dies out.


  • The campfire is the first revealed object for field trips, not including Baldi in his camping outfit.[1]
  • The old campfire revealed in one of the development build videos.

    The new way to tell if the fire is dimmer for the former campfire since Kickstarter Exclusive Demo was first revealed in Development Build from mystman12 uploaded on May 8, 2019.
  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, the old campfire's fire sprite is recycled for the fire on the candle of the cake.


Sound Caption Description
*Fire crackling* The sound coming from the fire for the former version. It will not repeat after that.




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