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Cady's real life photo from Facebook.

Cady McGonigal is mystman12's sister and a music composer for the Baldi's Basics series, responsible for making music tracks for the Kickstarter campaign video. With "Hayride Too I Don't Even Care" and "Creepy Old Computer" used, the rest of the tracks have yet to be used for Baldi's Basics Plus or other projects.

She is also a voice actor of Mrs. Pomp and Johnny.[1][2] She also came up with a character Johnny, since Cady and mystman12 were kids, but never decided what he should look like, so mystman12 did his appearance.[3]

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Composed tracks

  • Runner Star Home
  • Cheap Cutscene in a Cheap Edutainment Game
  • Creepy Old Computer
  • Flashback
  • Hayride Too I Don't Even Care
  • How to Eat Cheese
  • Meena Monna Moop
  • My Brother is a Clown
  • That Flips My Hat Backwards
  • The Side Effects of School
  • She Made a Mistake Right at the End
  • Just Messin' Around
  • Cheer for the Sport!
  • New Thing Unlockabled!
  • 99
  • Win


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