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Broken Ruler is one of the several random events in Baldi's Basics Plus.


When this event happens, Baldi's ruler is snapped in half and he is unable to be heard for a few seconds, making it hard for the Player to predict where he is coming from.

While Baldi's ruler is broken, he will not harm the Player. However, he can still take An Apple for Baldi from their inventory once he catches them.


  • The event is first revealed in the game's Kickstarter description.[1]
  • The Grappling Hook item shares the same audio when it snaps. Even the subtitle uses the same color as green.
  • It is unclear how Baldi recovers his ruler from the Broken Ruler event.
  • Even though Baldi vanishes in the Explorer Mode, the event will still trigger.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2, Baldi can still cause a game over while his ruler is broken.


Sound Subtitle Description
*SNAP* The sound cue.




  1. "Some examples include all the lights going out or Baldi breaking his ruler so he can't be heard. There's even a party event where an awesome item will spawn in a room." - Kickstarter page description