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Janitors must wear boots when sweeping!
— Description, poster

Big Ol' Boots are an inventory item in the Baldi's Basics series.


The item resembles a pair of photo-cropped black rubber boots.


Big Ol' Boots being used.

When right-clicking with this item selected, the boots will slowly wave over the screen from top to bottom. This ability runs out after 15 seconds, where the boots are then shown waving from the bottom back to the top.

While Big Ol' Boots is in effect, the player can move freely in some occasions:

However, even when its ability is still in effect, walking on stationary Gotta Sweep still slows the player down.


Big Ol' Boots in-game.

Big Ol' Boots in Johnny's Store.

Big Ol' Boots are commonly found in classrooms and faculty rooms. However, only floor 1 has this item. This item can be bought in Johnny's Store for 50 You Thought Points.

Other appearances

Big Ol' Boots found in Baldi's Basics Classic.


  • Like the Swinging Door Lock and the Alarm Clock, this item uses the two same sprites but with different sizes, distinguished by an icon in the inventory and an image when it is used.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • In the item's store description, the item's name only consists of lowercase letters.
  • Prior to V0.3.3, this item was absent in Endless Mode.
  • Big Ol' Boots can expire even if going on a field trip.
  • 2022-04-10 (90).png
    When opening an advanced map while the Big Ol' Boots are waving, the Big Ol' Boots can still be seen, like the Faculty Nametag.
Classic/Birthday Bash
  • Big Ol' Boots were first introduced in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. It was later added in Baldi's Basics Classic via update patch 1.4.3.
  • Big Ol' Boots as seen above when vertically rotating the device.

    In the Android version, when vertically rotating the screen, Big Ol' Boots is visibly seen above. This is likely where the Big Ol' Boots' usage sprite starts before being used.


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