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UnusedIcon.png This article lists existing features that were cut, in other words: unused, scrapped, or removed. These can be found in the game files, older updates, or pre-released/reworked content.

All right, all set! I'll go set up the bear traps!
— Baldi, Field Trip demo

Bear traps were objects placed by Baldi in the camping field trip prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3 update.


It appeared to be a brown copper trap with a chain attached to it. It was a real-life bear trap as seen in a teaser on mystman12's Twitter post.[1]


Bear traps were scattered around the forest where the player collects logs. If the player or any other characters walk on it, they would get stunned for about 5 seconds.


  • The actual purpose of a bear trap in camping was to catch a bear or another mammal and prevent them from approaching a campsite.
  • According to mystman12 on his Twitter page, he states that a friend of his (who is into blacksmithing) gave him a bear trap, although mystman12 says that his friend did not create it.[2]
  • In the teaser, mystman12 put a pencil in the bear trap to close it and snap the pencil in half.


  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.2 update, the bear trap made the standard doors' closing sound instead of the original one.


Sound Subtitle Description
*CLANG* The sound that plays when the bear trap stuns any character.



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