Alright, all set. I'll go set up the bear traps.
— Baldi

Bear Trap is an object placed by Baldi in Field Trip Demo.[1] The Bear Traps are scattered around the forest where the Player collect firewood.

If walked on, it will freeze the Player for about five seconds.


It appears to be a brown copper trap with a chain attached to it. It can trap the Player when collecting firewood or getting away from Baldi. It is a real-life bear trap as seen in a teaser on mystman12's Twitter post.[2]


  • It is one of the only interactions, so far, to actually be used as an obstacle to the Player rather than using it to distract Baldi or give useful items to the Player.
  • The main purpose of a bear trap in camping is to catch a bear or another mammal and prevent them from approaching a campsite.
  • According to mystman12 on his Twitter page, he states that a friend of his (who is into blacksmithing) gave him a bear trap, although he didn't make it.[3]


Sound Description
Bear trap
The sound that plays when the bear trap freezes the Player.



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