Does anyone wanna see somethin' cool?
— Beans

Beans is a gum-chewing student of the Super Schoolhouse from Baldi's Basics Plus.


Beans is a 2D-drawn human with a big mouth with a big gaping, toothless, gumless lower jaw, which makes Beans easily mistaken for a toilet, a thin upper lip made as a black line, exposed gums and five crooked teeth on his upper jaw. He wears a purple and yellow striped Beanie cap, hence the name Beans. He has bulging eyes, crooked teeth, floating flat eyebrows, and a massive chin. His arms are short and has four fingers on each hand. He wears a sleeveless bubblegum-pink shirt, deep magenta pants and dark magenta pointed shoes.

He speaks with a distorted, echoing "mechanical" voice which can almost make all of his quotes difficult to understand what he's actually saying unless if the subtitles are turned on.

Based on the scaling of Baldi's ruler, Beans is about 6.15 feet (182.88 centimeters) tall, excluding his eyebrows, bulging eyes and helicopter hat.


Beans likes to "impress" others by blowing out bubble gum bubbles but warns the people to not let an adult see it, meaning that if he does it, he will get in detention, but in game he doesn't.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay


When the Player is hit by Beans' bubble gum.

Upon anyone coming into his line of sight, Beans will spit a big pink bubble gum wad through any locations, mostly in hallways. Whoever comes in contact with the gum wad, whether it be the Player or another NPC, will be caught in the sticky gum and have their movement speed drastically reduced for 10 seconds. Upon getting hit by a gum wad, the Player will be vulnerable to pursuing characters, including Baldi, Playtime, Principal of the Thing, etc. If Beans spit the bubble game at an NPC, he will run away from the Player. The Player's inventory is also covered by bubble gum, making it hard to know which item is selected. However the Safety Scissors can be used to cut off Beans' gum if getting hit by the gum wad. It's a Bully and Chalkles are the only characters who are immune to Beans' bubble gum.

Beans can be helpful on occasions, as his bubble gum can slow riskier characters (e.g: Baldi and Principal of the Thing) down. The bubble gum can go through closed doors, but not for the swinging doors that any character cannot open. If the Portal Poster is placed, it can go through the portal as well.

Other Appearances


  • Beans is the first introduced character not to be made or voiced by mystman12 but someone else, who is Padre Snowmizzle.[1]
  • Beans was first made as a character for Padre's Baldi's Basics fangame. The concept is done by Malitschek (Jam).[2]
  • Beans's gum is nearly identical to the BSODA spray, although the functionality when touched is different.
  • Beans has the most voicelines out of any character so far (25 unless more are added).
  • In the Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.2 update, the gum doesn't slow the Player down as much, and using Safety Scissors on the gum is now valid.
  • In one of Beans' subtitles, "gum" is misspelled as "gun".
  • The Player is able to avoid Beans' gum if it is shot slightly off center down a hallway.
  • In the game's subtitles json file, there are two unused subtitles in the game: *BUBBLE BLOWING* and *SPLAT*.
  • Beans is around 25 to 30 of an unknown unit of age, most likely years.[3]
    • Despite this, he is still a student has been held back for "that" long due to his bad math studies.[4]


  • Beans' bubblegum will not hit the Player when the interaction icon appears on the nearest structures, like the Drinking Fountain.
  • Like Baldi, Beans can also phase through BSODA.
  • Before Baldi's Basics Plus V0.1.2 was released, if the Player activated the subtitles, when Beans says "Gum on the loose!" or "Oh no!", the subtitle used to say: "Localized text not found".
  • When Beans spits his gum at the Player while they are being charged by Arts and Crafters, the gum will disappear and hit nothing.
  • When Beans goes to the Principal's Office for the party event, his sprite will float in mid-air once he stands idle, but when he spits gum, it will shoot from the same height.
  • If the Player is in Beans' hitbox, the bubblegum will not hit the Player.


Quote Subtitles Description
Ben NeatTrick-sharedassets3.assets-441
Say, who's lookin' to see a neat trick? While idle.
Skip Buckle-sharedassets3.assets-397
One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, I've got gum for you!
Ben Anyone-sharedassets3.assets-421
Does anyone wanna see somethin' cool?
Ben Skip Pain-sharedassets3.assets-406
I skip all day, I say-I say, I skip to push the pain away!
Ben Skip Chant-sharedassets3.assets-449
Hooka, a-chew, I'mma chewin' mah gun. Booka, a-too, it's tons o'fum... Er, fun!
Ben HeyYou-sharedassets3.assets-418
Hey you, watch this! When Beans spots the Player.
Ben Prepare-sharedassets3.assets-445
Prepare yourself for something awesome!
Ben Grownups-sharedassets3.assets-396
Psst! Don't let the grownups spot this.
Ben WatchPro-sharedassets3.assets-398
Watch the pro go to work!
Ben FeastEyes-sharedassets3.assets-450
Feast your eyes while I feast on mah gum!
Ben Spit OhNo-sharedassets3.assets-401
Oh no! After spitting the bubble gum.
Ben Spit Scream-sharedassets3.assets-458
Gum on the loose!*
Ben Spit HeadsUp-sharedassets3.assets-404
Heads up!
Ben Spit WatchOut-sharedassets3.assets-438
Watch out!
Ben Spit CantLook-sharedassets3.assets-464
I can't look!
Sorry in advance!
Ben Spit HeldBack-sharedassets3.assets-416
Huh, so maybe that's why they held me back. When the gum hits the Player.
Ben NeverHere-sharedassets3.assets-424
Welp, I was never here!
Ben HippityHey-sharedassets3.assets-471
Hippity hey, look at the time; I need to fetch some more rhyme.
Ben Skip SkipAway-sharedassets3.assets-395
Skip away, skip away, it'll go away.
Ben BeSent-sharedassets3.assets-391
I'll be sent to the guy of the Thing, smacking my head 'n' causing a ring! When the gum hits a character.
Ben Spit Casserole-sharedassets3.assets-409
Aw, casserole.
Ben TimeBounce-sharedassets3.assets-455
Time to bounce, time to flee, before they throw the book at me!
Ben Nope-sharedassets3.assets-477
Uh... nope.
Ben Sorry-sharedassets3.assets-393
They're gonna be so mad at me, I'm so sorry!

Sound Subtitles Description
Ben Spit-sharedassets3.assets-439
*SPITS GUM* When Beans spits the bubble gum.


Bubble Gum
Other Textures

Baldi's Basics Plus Early Access


  1. "In case it ain't obvious enough yet: yep, I made a character for Baldi's Basics. He's the gum-chewing, held-back, skipping spunk we all know and love: Beans. My thanks go out to @mystman12!" - Padre Snowmizzle. March 15, 2020. Twitter
  2. "Fun fact, as well: Beans was a character whipped up for a spoof Baldi fangame idea way back when. I would like to give credit where credit is due, though, and say that @malitschek was my main man in the first few iterations of Beans. Without JAM, the concept wouldn't even exist!" - Padre Snowmizzle. March 15, 2020. Twitter
  3. "Beans' age is in the ballpark of 25-30." - Padre Snowmizzle. August 7, 2020. Twitter
  4. "He is indeed a student still, just held back for *that* long for constantly sucking at math, lol. - Pader Snowmezzle. August 8, 2020. Twitter




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