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Baldimore teaser.

Second teaser.

The crazy times of Baldi, a bald guy with a knack for inventing *crazy* inventions and having a crazy big appetite for food! New comics sometimes! Surely!
— Description, deleted BaldiComic profile account on Twitter

Baldimore is a series of short comic strips created by mystman12 from the mid-late 2000s to the early 2010s when he was 11 or 12,[1] way before the Baldi's Basics game series existed. The series starred Baldi himself and takes place in a real-life place called Baltimore although which exact territory is not known.

mystman12 wanted to make those comics, because his sister made a comic before.[2]

Character cast

Original characters

  • Baldi - The main character appearing in the comic strips as his first debut, long before the Baldi's Basics game series.
  • Dr. Reflex - A doctor who tested Baldi's reflexes. He is intended to appear in Baldi's Basics Plus.

Exclusive characters

Main article: Comic-exclusive character
  • Susan - Baldi's wife. She never appeared in the game series.
  • Andrew - Baldi's son. He never appeared in the game series.
  • Rag Tom - A titular character from a fictional show Rag Tom Floppy Shirt
  • "Scientists" - The audience who only appeared in Realistic Face.
  • Baseball Players - Kids playing baseball outside.
  • TimTom - A kid who constantly throws a baseball.
  • Referee - A character who starts a fight in Comics Made by Baldi.
  • Fighters - A pair of characters in Baldi's comic from Comics Made by Baldi.
  • Unknown Character - Appearing in TestComic.

Comic list

Title Notes
Baldi's Introduction The first two comics, revealed on mystman12's tweet on June 19, 2018.
Comics Made by Baldi
Dr. Reflex Revealed on the Kickstarter campaign's 3rd update blog on July 31, 2018.
Nothing to Eat Revealed on August 9, 2018, when the full game's Kickstarter link tweet reached 250 retweets.
Ice Block Revealed on August 9, 2018, when the full game's Kickstarter link tweet reached 500 retweets.
Rag Tom Floppy Shirt Revealed on August 10, 2018, when the full game's Kickstarter link tweet reached 750 retweets.
Realistic Face Revealed on August 11, 2018, when the full game's Kickstarter link tweet reached 1,000 retweets.
Hair Brush Revealed on mystman12's tweet on May 22, 2018.
Mailbox comic First revealed from Baldi's Basics Classic.
Cookie comic First revealed from Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.
TestComic First revealed from the Development Build footage.


  • The comics are inspired by the webcomic series Waluigi – Brawl in the Family.[3][4]

A stack of papers.

  • The stack of papers in the Baldi's Basics game series appears to be a stack of Baldimore comics. It's very hard to see what is really is, however, as a result of the dithering used.
    • However, Baldi's shadow from Realistic Face comic can be seen easily.
  • mystman12 confirms that he was very unsure if Baldi having a family is canon or not.[5][6]

A screenshot of the removed "BaldiComic" Twitter profile.

  • There was a Twitter account made in September 2017 by mystman12, used for uploading a series of Baldimore comic strips. Due to lack of attention, with mystman12 running out of strips and has no desire to make new strips (admitted to be bad at drawing), he decided to remove the account after three days.[7][8] Only three comics are posted in the profile, with the Mailbox Comic as one of them[9] but two other comics (although one of them is implied to be the Cookie Comic strip) are lost and there is no way to recover them.
    • The profile's birth date is September 3, 1999.


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