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Baldi's bus (formerly "Joe's bus") is a school bus vehicle owned by Baldi, who took it to drive to locations for field trips. It was originally owned by Joe.


It is a 2D sprite of a poorly drawn yellow school bus in its side view with blue windows, a red doorway, and red "JOE'S BUS" text with Baldi's name written over Joe's name, misspelled as "Bald". The wheels are not visually attached to the bus.

Unlike other 2D sprites, the entire bus appears to be flat when looking at its view in either the front or the side. If the player is on the back of the bus in Baldi's Basics Plus, the bus sprite disappears.


Baldi's bus at the outdoor area.

Baldi's bus is located at the outdoor area, outside of the Super Schoolhouse. Approaching the bus will take the player to a field trip depending on what Baldi is wearing.

Other appearances


  • As explained by mystman12 in a livestream, Baldi took Joe's bus because he had to go on a last-second field trip. mystman12 also explained that Baldi put his name over Joe's name so that people would not think Baldi stole the bus.[1] It is unknown what happened to Joe afterwards.
  • mystman12 was originally going to make a virtual pinball game called Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride, before deciding to enter the 2018 Meta Game Jam to create what would soon be Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. He then decided to make this bus an Easter egg and a reference to his old project. The footage can be found here.
  • The bus as seen in the Development Build footage.

    In the Development Build footage for Baldi's Basics Plus revealed by mystman12 on May 8, 2019, the dithered bus with the word "Loading!!!.png" on top of it is seen. The loading icon is also found in Full Game Early Demo's game files, and later implemented since Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.



  1. "Baldi took Joe's bus just because he needed to go on a last-second field trip, so... he figured if he put his name over it, it would prevent people from thinking he stole it." - Livestream archive 33:16-33:27