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Baldi's Office is an office that can only be accessed in the alternate ending of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. The entrance to the office is a green door with the words "Baldi's Office" plastered onto it using the font Comic Sans MS.

To access Baldi's Office, the Player must fulfill the requirements for the alternate ending, then turn around and walk towards the green door.


The office itself has a blue floor and is very empty. Inside are various random things, such as a very distorted Baldi and a banana. At the back of the room is Filename2, a mysterious character for which little information is known. He stands behind a desk and chair, with a chalkboard behind him. Walking up to him triggers a secret message.

The game automatically closes after Filename2 finishes talking.


  • This location was added in V1.3. However, it was impossible to reach this door normally at that time.[1]
    • This issue was fixed in V1.3.1.
  • The room resembles the main menu screen since it has some of the game's words on the chalkboard.
  • Unlike other doors, the door of Baldi's Office is not transparent and looks like a glitchy mess when it is opened. Despite its lack of transparency, the player can still normally go through the door.
  • It is the only room that is not connected to Here School.
  • The roof tile just before the green door appears to be glitched also.



  1. "So in the current version of the game the alternate ending closes the game prematurely. This was due to a simple logic error I made in the code. So to anyone who wants to try and get that ending, you might want to wait for 1.3.1. Again, sorry, should have tested more thoroughly." - mystman12. June 1, 2018. Twitter.



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