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Baldi's Math Machine is a math-teaching machine in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Baldi's Math Machine is a gray cube-shaped machine with text saying, "Baldi's MATH MACHINE" at the bottom, and displaying a math problem in the center. On the top right, there are two lights to display whether the answer is correct or not, a yellow horn, one thermometer, and two gauges.

Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2, the design was completely different as it was subject to change. It was a gray cube-shaped machine with text saying, "The Math Machine", displaying a math problem in the center, and the bottom of the machine says "(Design not yet final)". Plus, Baldi's Math Machine reduced 5 You Thought Points when the wrong number balloon is used and it does not spit out a notebook. The old side texture was the conveyor belt texture.


Its current purpose is to serve as an alternative to the You Can Think Pad in Baldi's Basics Classic, Birthday Bash and Classic Remastered. It displays a math problem on the screen and the player must solve it by picking up the number balloon that matches the correct answer to the math problem. If the wrong number balloon is put into the machine, it will buzz and attract Baldi to the machine. Also, Baldi's slapping speed will increase in frequency because he got angrier because the player answered a math problem incorrectly.[1] However, if the right number balloon is put into the machine, a ding sound is played and the player earns 25 You Thought Points. Baldi will be happy and stand still for five seconds after answering the problem correctly and he will not harm the player while in a happy mood. Whether the problem is solved correctly or not, it will spit out a notebook and all the number balloons in the room will pop.

When a notebook respawns in Endless Mode, the problem will reset, so the player has to solve the new problem to get a notebook.

Baldi's Math Machine can also block the vision, so other characters cannot see the player behind the machine and vice versa. However, Baldi can see the player through the machine if he is attracted by a buzzing noise for answering the math problem wrong.


Main Gameplay


Baldi's Math Machine found in a classroom.

It can be found in several classrooms, commonly on floors 2 and 3. Every classroom with Baldi's Math Machine will also have single-digit Number Balloons floating around the room.

Endless Mode - Medium

There are 6 classrooms with Baldi's Math Machines. Only one classroom does not have this.

Other Appearances


  • Baldi's Math Machine is in reference to Sonic's Schoolhouse's chalkboard written with a math question.
  • Baldi's Math Machine's buzz noise when the incorrect answer is given is also used in the elevator, as soon as the button with a "Play!" text in the screen bar appears.
  • Math Machine's inside.png
    While inside Baldi's Math Machine, the problem shows up horizontally flipped as that is how Unity TextMesh Pro text works when viewed from the back.
  • When Baldi's Math Machine buzzes, it overwrites any sounds. That means if the player inserts the wrong number balloon into the machine while Baldi heads to the location where Alarm Clock rings, then he will change the direction to the classroom with this machine. It is because the noise value when it buzzes is 126, which is same or higher than the value of any sound except for when Baldi sees the player.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3, Baldi did not stop and congratulate the player for answering the problem on the machine correctly. Also, the audio when the player inserts the correct number balloon was usually Baldi's "WOW!" voiceline. This quote was used on Endless Mode's Medium option before the V0.3.3 update and after this version, it plays after completing a challenge.
  • Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.3, there was no buffer to prevent number balloons to get too close to the machine, thus, the player can accidentally click a number balloon when trying to insert the intended one. Plus, Endless Mode's Medium option still used the old design and sound.


  • In the current version of Baldi Basics Plus, there is a small chance for the player to teleport inside Baldi's Math Machine by using a Dangerous Teleporter or getting sucked up by a whirlpool.
  • Since Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2, Baldi's Math Machine actually gives 50 You Thought Points when answering the problem correctly.
  • Rarely, Baldi will still have his chasing sprite even when making a correct answer to the machine.
  • After answering the problem correctly, if the player plays jump rope with Playtime while Baldi is in a happy mood, after he resumes his chase, Baldi cannot catch the player until the player moves.
  • The 8 number in the answer box is misaligned and its top part is out of the box.
  • In Endless Mode's medium option, prior to V0.3.3, the time that Baldi is in a happy mood when answering the problem correctly was much shorter than in the other game modes. If Baldi's slapping speed was faster, the time he was in his happy mood was shorter.


Audio Subtitle Description
*BUZZ* (unused) The buzzing sound when the player uses the incorrect number balloon.
Ding! The bell sound when the player uses the correct number balloon.



  1. "Now the penalty is simply Baldi getting angrier, no YTPs, and lowering your grade (Which will have more purpose later in development)" - Baldi's Basics Plus Steam Community Hub