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Baldi's Introduction (unofficial name) is a Baldimore comic made by mystman12 decades ago on the unknown date. It is one of the first comics ever drawn,[1] with the other being Comics Made by Baldi that was included in one paper altogether.

The comic is uploaded on Twitter on June 19, 2018.


Baldi discusses about himself as he explains four words that combine into "Baldimore": bald, Baldi, Baltimore, and more. He then states that the last panel is "funny", before he ends up scratching his head when feeling unaware of his plagiarism.


  • Baldi: Hello! My name is Baldi. I'm bald, I live in Baltimore, and I always want more food. It all makes one name. Baldimore.
  • Baldi: The 3rd panel is the "funny" one.
  • Baldi: [scratching his head]


  • The comic is completely a ripoff of BitF's first Waluigi in the Family comic, according to mystman12.


  1. "Here's a look at the first two terrible Baldi comics I drew years ago! Some of you might recognize that the first one is a complete ripoff of @BitF's first Waluigi in the Family comic. I was out of ideas before I even started! :P" - mystman12. June 19, 2018. Twitter.


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