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Baldi's Bus sprite.

Baldi's Bus (more known on the sprite as "Bald's Bus" or "Joe's Bus") is a school bus vehicle from Field Trip demo, owned by Baldi, who obtained (most likely stole) it for driving to new locations on field trips. It was originally owned by Joe.


It is a 2D sprite of a poorly drawn yellow school bus in its side view with blue windows, red doorway, and red "JOE'S BUS" text with Joe's name crossed out with Baldi's name misspelled as "Bald" written in green. The wheels also aren’t visually attached to the bus.

Unlike other 2D sprites, the entire bus appears to be flat when looking at its view in either front or back, when other sprites like Playtime and Principal of the Thing face the camera constantly.


  • As explained by mystman12 in a stream, Baldi took Joe's bus because he had to go on a last-second field trip. mystman12 also explained that Baldi put his name over Joe's name so that people wouldn't think Baldi stole the bus.
    • In addition, mystman12 did some Gotta Sweep-like voice-overs for the character Joe during the stream. He also indirectly made it clear, using his Gotta Sweep voice, that Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride is not quite cancelled, but rather is still in the works, implying that he put it on hold.
  • The words on the bus suggest that the unseen character named Joe was supposed to be a bus driver before Baldi claimed the bus. It is unknown what happened to Joe before Baldi "stole" (or potentially purchased) the bus.
  • Baldi misspelled his name on the bus, as it says "Bald's Bus".
  • Mystman12 was originally going to make a virtual pinball game called Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride, before deciding to enter Meta Game Jam to create what would soon be Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. He then decided to make this bus an Easter Egg and a reference to his old project. The footage can be found here.



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