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Baldi's Basics Wiki

This is a page regarding the people who help the wiki by operating and moderating it. These are the staff members that are available. If you need help, consider contacting one of the staff!



I'm the founder of the wiki and I monitor the wiki even if I'm not active I will always know everything the infobox used for me let's you know I'm the founder


Im somebody

Im somebody is one of the most active moderators on the wiki and server and SHOULD be able to reply to any complaint/request/question within less than an hour. His discord is inkoalawetrust#9783.


Doblonsplayer143 is very active on discord. He shitposts quite often and checks the wiki often if any bad thing happened. His discord tag is Bruo#9492. He's a content mod.


Imtheaura, Aura or Satan, is an admin and a teacher on the discord and wiki (respectively), he is usually online on discord so you can hit him up by adding his tag Imtheaura#5529.


FireFlows, or Lit, is a content moderator and bureaucrat. She's usually online at the Discord, and her Discord tag is borkie#1715. She likes to consider herself a helpful person.

GJ-Lewis X

This is I, GJ-Lewis X, the fan of The Horror Trinity; Five Nights at Freddy's (pappy), Bendy and the Ink Machine (chap), and Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning (ghost). One of my known duties of contributing the Baldipedia is organizing and cleaning up every pages to get rid of redundancies, false facts, etc, while I also prohibit vandals, trolls, and other suspiciously-behaving users from intruding.


Hello, I been a staff member and been improving the wikipedia with design, and helping users including Admins for a decent amount of time. I'm active on a 5-10 ratio, I might take some time to respond, if I don't respond, I might just be working on things, or drawing.

also, I'm back.


I'm administrator on this community since August 14, 2019 (UTC time base). I browse the community and clean up some content here.

If you have any question or suggestion about the community, feel free to leave a message in my Message Wall. I will response it as soon as possible.