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Please use proper style when trying to edit the page.


Please use American English in the article, as the Baldi's Basics series was released in United States of America. Here is examples:

  • Color (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), Colour (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • Behavior (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), Behaviour (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • Gray (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), Grey (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • Mustache (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), Moustache (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)

Point of View

Baldi's Basics Wiki refers to the player as both a playable character in the Baldi's Basics series and the user who plays the game from this series. Using the word 'you' on any main article content refers to the reader of this community, unless the content is copied from official material.

Please use 'the player' and 'they' in any main article content for the aformentioned reasons. This also applies to the characters with no specific info for the gender, but in this case, only 'they' term is used.


  • Each article only has one link to the different page. To find a link, use a source editor, press 'Ctrl + F' keys (Windows) and type [[(Article link). You don't need to put ]] at the last because there are also piped links like [[Principal's Office|his office]].
  • Infoboxes and navboxes have a duplicated link from outside of them, but there should be only one link to the page within those boxes.

Content and Source

  • When copying and pasting the game content, update log, summary or other content from the official website, make sure to keep the content original as possible. Even if there are typos, misspelling or incorrect capitalization, do not fix these unless they are changed.
    • In case making a correction to these errors, please use {{Tt}} template. (Example: {{Tt|beofe|before}} -> beofe)
  • While using <ref> tag to make a reference, make sure to close the tag. Otherwise, it may make content under the reference invisible. Tag closure is also applied on other commonly used tags like <gallery>.
  • Make sure to put the proper external link under <ref> tag, if the content was originated from official website.
  • The {{Citation}} template is used at the end of the text when the content is coming from the official game files or official crews' social media network or websites, but there is lack of proper source of it.
  • The date or time of the citation on official websites or social media are based on the time zone in Virginia (UTC-4).
  • The {{Version}} template is used at the end of the text if there is no specific version info. It is mostly used on the content that the version number is not mentioned in any development log or official social media.

Font style

This style is only for main namespace. There is no restriction for the font style on other namespaces like user page or blog post.

  • Make sure to bold the article title on the top content.
    • The bold text also applies to the text in-game, such as "I HEAR EVERY DOOR YOU OPEN" in the You Can Think Pad in Classic/Birthday Bash. The quotation marks (" ") should not have bold text, however.
  • Every title of the games, comics (except for in-game comics) must has italic font style.
    • Correct
    • Incorrect
      • Baldi's Basics Plus, Comics Made by Baldi
    • The italic font style is also used on character's quotes and references. (Example: "Oh, hi! Let's play hide and seek!", like the in-game text, the quotation marks (" ") must not have italic style.)
  • All filenames are must inputted between the {{C}} template.
    • Example: {{C|Caption_En.json}} - Result: Subtitles_En.json
    • If the article name is based on the filename, then the {{C}} template is applied to the title as well. Currently, all one-worded titles have this font style. - Example: ErrorScreen, PlaceFace, TestComic, TestRoom, SpoopBalloon and so on
  • Please do not make font style unnecessarily on any page. The content above is the only cases when the font style should be applied to.


Every article title must has singular form, unless the plural term is used in the official series. It makes easy to make a link like [[character]]s, the "s" letter for plural form will automatically link to a singular word - character. However, the bold text as a title on the top content and the displayed title by using {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} magic word can have plural form. - See the poll result

Alternate names

Alternate names depending on games

Note that WD-NoSquee has '(Door Type)' text in Classic/Birthday Bash, but this community still uses just 'WD-NoSquee' instead.

  • Energy Flavored Zesty Bar (Plus), Energy flavored Zesty Bar (Classic/Birthday Bash)
  • Dangerous Teleporter (Plus), Teleportation Teleporter (Birthday Bash)

Capitalization and Punctuation Style


All character names must follow this capitalization or punctuation style when editing a page. The first word of the character name always starts with the capital letter.

  • Arts and Crafters (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • Arts and crafters (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png), Arts And Crafters (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • Principal of the Thing (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), (T/t)he Principal (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • Principal of the thing (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png), Principal Of The Thing (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • It's a Bully (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), (T/t) Bully (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • It's A Bully (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png, Despite the developer uses such categorization sometimes), It's a bully (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png), Its a Bully (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png) (T/t)he bully (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • filename2 (Filename in Classic/Birthday Bash), Filename2 (temporary)


Like character's name, all item names must follow the capitalization and punctuation style from official item names. Even if some items are written differently in other places (e.g. Johnny's Store description of Big Ol' Boots), the community follows the item's name from the inventory.

  • An Apple for Baldi (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), An Apple (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • An Apple For Baldi (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png), (A/a)n apple (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • Big Ol' Boots (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), Boots (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png, the first letter must be a capital letter)
    • Big Ol Boots (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png), (B/b)ig ol' boots (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png, Despite the store description is written like this)
  • BSODA (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • (B/b)soda (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)


  • You Can Think Pad (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • (Y/y)ou can think pad (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png) - all four words must start with a capital letter
  • Gravity Chaos (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • (G/g)ravity chaos (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • mystman12 (Micah McGonigal's username)
    • Mystman12 (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png)
  • (Website name), itch (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png)
    • (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png, Despite the developer uses such categorization sometimes), Itch (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png, Same reason as case)

Past versions

In the trivia section of any article, the range of versions are stated as below:

  • Prior to V(version number), - The content is applied to the first version to the (version number) version.
  • In V(version number), - The content is only applied to the single version.
  • In V(version number1) to V(version number1), - The content is applied to the specific versions. Note that (version number1) should not be the very first version. The first version of Baldi's Basics Plus is V0.1 and other games and demos is V1.0.

Cut content

The cut content is the content that went completely removed from the game or got cancelled during the development.

Note that if the content has some differences between the previous and current versions, but it is still used on games, it is not discontinued. In that case, it should be listed in version differences.

File name

Every file must have descriptive file name, so the user can easily figure out the purpose or usage of the image.

Keep the filename as original. When you try to upload a texture or sprite from asset files, make sure to remove the asset's path.

Every audio file must have .ogg file format. It is because other file formats may not support audio widget on Fandom.

  • File:ChipCrunch.ogg (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 0.png), File:ChipCrunch.wav (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png, non-.ogg file), File:SFX ChipCrunch.ogg (YCTP IndicatorsSheet 1.png, no SFX_ in assets)

If you want to upload a file, but there is already a file with the same name, you can add additional words depending on the game/demo name or the latest version when it is used for the last time. Files with no additional name are usually used on Baldi's Basics Plus, or if there is no such file in Plus assets, then it is often supposed to be used on Baldi's Basics Classic.

A format when the file name starts with a lowercase letter or there is an underscore in the asset files:

A list of additional names based on the game/demo name and the latest version:

  • Classic - Baldi's Basics Classic
  • BirthdayBash - Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • FieldTripDemo - Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: Camping
  • EarlyDemo - Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo
  • KickstarterDemo - Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo
  • ChallengesDemo - Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo
  • V0.1.5 (for Baldi's Basics Plus)
  • V1.0
  • V1.1
  • ...
  • Classic V1.3.2 - used until Baldi's Basics Classic V1.3.2


Some categories can only be used on a specific namespace.

Main (0)
User page (2)
File (6)
User blog (500)


Some templates can only be used on a specific namespace.

Main (0)
User page (2)
Main article: Category:User page templates



  • The audio section must have official content.
  • Any audio should be taken from official asset files. Audio recorded from videos may be deleted or replaced.
    • If the audio was taken from videos, please mark a correct time stamp for the transcript.
  • If there are 50 or more files, then the audio section can be separated to the sub-page. ((Article name)/Audio) However, if the audio is not from the asset files, it does not count.
  • Any quote under the Quote template should have a caption. The transcript is only added if there is no caption for this audio.


If there are audios with both caption and transcript:

Audio Caption
[[File:Quote file name 1.ogg]] Caption 1 The caption of this quote exists in the game file, and it is used in-game
[[File:Quote file name 2.ogg]] Caption 2 (unused caption) The caption of this quote exists in the game file, but it is unused in-game
[[File:Quote file name 3.ogg]] Transcript 1 (transcript only) The caption of this quote does not exist, so there is only transcript
[[File:Quote file name 4.ogg]] Caption 3
(Transcript 2)
The caption of this quote is different from the audio that it actually speaks

If there are audios with both caption and transcript, but there is no sound with different transcript:

Audio Caption/Transcript Description
[[File:Quote file name 1-1.ogg]] Caption 1-1 The caption of this quote exists in the game file, and it is used in-game
[[File:Quote file name 2-1.ogg]] Caption 2-1 (unused caption) The caption of this quote exists in the game file, but it is unused in-game
[[File:Quote file name 3-1.ogg]] Transcript 1-1 (transcript only) The caption of this quote does not exist, so there is only transcript

If there are audios with caption only:

Audio Caption Description
[[File:Quote file name A.ogg]] Caption A The caption of this quote exists in the game file, and it is used in-game
[[File:Quote file name B.ogg]] Caption B (unused caption) The caption of this quote exists in the game file, but it is unused in-game

If there are audios without caption only:

Audio Transcript Description
[[File:Quote file name X.ogg]] Transcript X Description of the audio file


If there is at least one sound with caption:

Audio Caption Description
[[File:Sound file name 1.ogg]] Caption 1 The caption of this sound exists in the game file, and it is used in-game
[[File:Sound file name 2.ogg]] Caption 2 (unused caption) The caption of this sound exists in the game file, but unused in-game
[[File:Sound file name 3.ogg]] N/A The caption of this sound does not exist

If there is no sound with caption:

Audio Description
[[File:Sound file name 4.ogg]] The caption of this sound does not exist

LoudWarning template

If the audio is too loud or static, the {{LoudWarning}} template is added in the description. Optionally, the caption or transcript can have bold text, if it is extremely loud.

Audio Caption Description
[[File:Loud.ogg]] Caption L1 A loud sound


[[File:Extremely loud.ogg]] Caption L2 An extremely loud sound, so the caption or transcript has bold text (optional)


TimedText namespace pages

TimedText namespace is used on caption of each sound. Note that if the sound does not have a caption or the caption is empty, then the TimedText namespace for this sound cannot be created. (Example: File:PT Instructions.ogg - The caption of this sound exists in the json file, but it is empty)


00:00:00,000 --> 00:05:00,000
(caption of the sound)

If the caption starts with the * (asterisk) mark, please add <nowiki> tag to the first asterisk mark. This tag is not needed for second or other * marks. Here is the example (Main: TimedText:1PR

00:00:00,000 --> 00:05:00,000
<nowiki>*</nowiki>Motor running*

List of official caption files from Baldi's Basics Plus:

  • Subtitles_En.json (English)
  • Captions_Fr.json (French)

List of TimedText namespace pages in Baldi's Basics Wiki

Caption color

If the color of caption is different from the default caption color of any character or other element, then the following line will be added at the end of the description:

The caption's color {for ("quote/sound") quote/sound} is (the color of the caption) instead of (default caption color)<the reason for the different color>.

The phrase enclosed by {} is used on when there is description for multiple audios and not every quote or sound has different caption color. <the reason for the different color> is used when there is a specific reason for having different caption color.

Example 1 - All
Main article: Mrs. Pomp#Audio
Sound Caption Description
*STOMP* Mrs. Pomp's walking sound. The caption's color is white instead of yellow.
Example 2 - Partial
Main article: Baldi/Audio
Quote Caption/Transcript Description
Aha! You got it! When the player puts the correct number balloon into Baldi's Math Machine. In field trips, it plays when all groups of logs are matched answers in the camping field trip, and when an animal is brought in the barn in the farm field trip. The caption's color for "Woah, you might be smarter than me!" quote is white instead of green.
Great job! That's right!
Good one!
You're doing fantastic!
I can't believe it! You're incredible!
Woah, you might be smarter than me!
(Woah, I think you might be smarter than me!)
Example 3 - Specific reason
Main article: Gotta Sweep#Audio
Quote Caption Description
BUZZ When the corn is reaped. The caption's color was green instead of dark green because Baldi uses the same sound when catching the player.




  • The gallery section must have official content.
  • The screenshot taken from the video is not permitted in the gallery section, even if it is from official material.
  • Any leaked screenshot by non-developers cannot be added in the gallery because the leaked content may not guarantee that it is official.
  • If there are 50 or more files, then the gallery section can be separated to the sub-page. ((Article name)/Gallery)


Note: This is the setting for the gallery section. Gallery sub-pages will have different format.

Standard: <gallery position="center">

Tabber and separated galleries:

<tabber>Image files=
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for current sprites or textures from the game files
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for older sprites or textures from the game files
<gallery position="center">
Game screenshots posted by Basically, Games! or mystman12 in various websites
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for accessories
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for T-shirts
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for hoodies
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for homeware
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for toys
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for merchandise images that used previously used
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for other merchandise images
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for videos
<gallery position="center">
Gallery for images with lack of specific categories

Tabber tag is not needed if there is only one category for the gallery.

Usage of the word "Ditto"

If there are other images with same caption as the first one, then the word "Ditto" is used instead. This is used for reducing redundancy.

Example 1 (Same topic):

Original content: Baldi/Gallery

Example 2 (Same topic, but with minor differences):

Original content: Johnny's Store