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Here is the list of Baldi's Basics Plus version differences, starting with version 0.1.



Description Prior update
He did not move in the farm field trip. V0.1.1
When he caught the player, sometimes, his face couldn't be seen. V0.1.2
The jump-scare when Baldi caught the player continued to play when retrying a floor.
His "countdown" ("987654321!") and "Ready or not, here I come!" sounds were missing when he tried to chase the player. V0.1.4
He could still end the game even during the broken ruler event. V0.2
He did not count down 1 to 10 before chasing the player, but instead he said numbers 1 to 9 at the same time, resulting in the caption "987654321!". V0.3
There were only five praising quotes and they also sounded different. V0.3.3
There were a lack of captions in field trips.
Baldi's description in the Principal's office had a misspelled word. V0.3.5
The color of captions for apple eating sound were white and the "run" caption was dark green like Gotta Sweep.
Baldi's praising quotes
V0.2 V0.3.3


Description Prior update
She did not get sad when her minigame was interrupted. V0.1.2
She could play while the player was in a blue locker. V0.1.5
She did not give You Thought Points to the player after completing her minigame. V0.2
The text wouldn't appear for playing Playtime's jump rope. V0.3.5

Principal of the Thing

Description Prior update
When using the Principal Whistle, he went at normal speed. V0.1.2
He still knew where the player was even if he did not see them. This still applies to the Stealthy Challenge.
The maximum time limit for detention was 65 seconds, but he said "99 seconds" instead.
He did not send It's a Bully to detention. V0.1.3
The BSODA guilt time was 3 seconds instead of 0.8 seconds.
While he moves faster towards the player after using the Principal Whistle, he would return to the normal speed when something or someone was hindering his path. V0.1.4
The caption color for "Don't worry, I'm coming!" was white instead of blue. V0.2
There were only three scolding quotes. V0.3.3
Most of his quotes sounded different.
He could spawn in any room or hallway, not only his office. V0.3.5
Principal of the Thing's quotes
V0.1 V0.3.3

Arts and Crafters

Description Prior update
He did not clone himself while charging the player and he could teleport Baldi as well. V0.3.2
He would only teleport the player to a random location. V0.3.3

It's a Bully

Description Prior update
He would not be sent to detention by Principal of the Thing. V0.1.3

Gotta Sweep

Description Prior update
He used to be faster and it is harder to escape from his sweeping. V0.1.2
He would appear in the farm field trip. V0.3
There was a grammatical error in his description in the Principal's office. V0.3.5

1st Prize

Description Prior update
1st Prize cannot break window while traveling at high speed. V0.3.5

The Test

Description Prior update
The Test would always move at the same speed when the player was not looking at him. V0.3.5

Cloudy Copter

Description Prior update
His wind did not disappear, even if he went to the party. V0.1.4


Description Prior update
He was not affected by the Faculty Nametag. V0.1.3
He did not have a fade-in effect when he is about to pop out from the chalkboard. V0.1.4


Description Prior update
The bubble gum's slow effect to the player was the same as the one to the other characters. V0.1.2
The caption for both quotes "Gum on the loose!" or "Oh no!" said "Localized text not found".
His bubble gum cannot be cut by Safety Scissors.
He would still spit bubble gum even if the player was wearing a Faculty Nametag. V0.1.3
His bubble gum overlay was still seen when opening an advanced map. V0.3.6

Mrs. Pomp

Description Prior update
Mrs. Pomp had no quote when spotting the player. V0.1.2
Mrs. Pomp's icon on the map did not disappear when her class ended.
She could chase the player with the Faculty Nametag.
She gave 4 minutes to reach her classroom instead of 2. V0.3
She could make the player unable to move if they enters her classroom while she is angry. However, when she enters her classroom, she did not close and lock every door of the room. V0.3.3
After she reminded the player, she would walk to her classroom instead of running. V0.3.4
The player cannot escape from Mrs. Pomp dragging them around and she can teleport if they are stuck somewhere or entering a blue locker for more than 10 seconds.
She only invited the player to her classroom once in a round. Therefore, after the class dismissed, she would not invite them again.
The caption of the stomp sound lasted 0.6 seconds.


Description Prior update
The description of the map fill item was longer. V0.2.2
There were no proper captions. V0.3.3
Johnny's quote when hovering the cursor on the map fill item
V0.2 V0.2.2


Principal's office

Description Prior update
Big desks could be generated at the center. V0.1.1

Gotta Sweep's closet

Description Prior update
The room consisted of placeholder textures. V0.2
Endless Mode's Random option still used the placeholder textures. V0.2.2

Johnny's Store

Description Prior update
The text on the exit confirmation dialog when leaving the store was: "Make sure the items you want to keep are in your inventory!" V0.2
The Principal Whistle could be purchased here. V0.2.2
The price of the map fill for floor 1 and 2 were 200 and 250 YTPs respectively. V0.3
The coughing noise played more common. V0.3.5
There were no transitions while loading or entering Johnny's Store. V0.3.6


Description Prior update
They only had selective sized sprites. V0.3.3


Description Prior update
When using it to activate the pay phone in Explorer Mode and rarely in Hide-and-Seek, the Quarter did not disappear from the inventory. V0.1.5


Description Prior update
The WD-NoSquee did not work on blue lockers. V0.1.2
The amount of WD-NoSquee's effect would also be reduced when other characters open the door. V0.3.5

Safety Scissors

Description Prior update
The Safety Scissors could not cut Beans' bubble gum. V0.1.2
The Safety Scissors could not cut 1st Prize's wires. V0.2.2
The description only mentioned that it could cut "very specific things", rather than the objects themselves.

Portal Poster

Description Prior update
It could be placed where Chalkles, vending machines, and water fountains spawn. However, the Chalkles glitch reoccurred in the current version.[version info needed] V0.1.3
Only the player could pass through the Portal Poster. V0.3.3

Dirty Chalk Eraser

Description Prior update
Beans could spit gum at the player even if they were hiding in the dust cloud. V0.3.5

Faculty Nametag

Description Prior update
Mrs. Pomp was not tricked by it. V0.1.2
Beans and Chalkles were not tricked by it. V0.1.3
Rarely, the Faculty Nametag's effect still lasts even when the rotating tag image disappears. V0.1.5

Grappling Hook

Description Prior update
There was a lack of a texture when it hit a surface and the basic sprite used the item's icon. V0.2
It could only be used once instead of five times.
Its design was very different. V0.3.3


Description Prior update
It could be spawned from far away in classrooms with Baldi's Math Machine. V0.1.3
The notebook icon did not appear when a notebook respawned in Endless Mode. V0.1.4
There was no caption when a notebook respawned in Endless Mode.
A regular notebook did not give You Thought Points. V0.2
All notebooks were green. V0.3.3



Description Prior update
Doors did not make a sound when NPCs opened it. V0.1.3

Swinging doors

Description Prior update
The player cannot go through the one-way door through the wrong direction, even if it was opened. V0.1.2


Description Prior update
The sounds when opening and closing the elevator were completely different in randomly generated levels. V0.2
There was no music in the elevator.
"Current Grade" and "Time" values in the results screen were placeholders.
Pre-generated maps used the old design and sounds. V0.3.3
The elevator could spawn in the playground. V0.3.5
Elevator's interior
V0.1 V0.2
Elevator Plus V0.1.5.png Elevator.png
Elevator's doors
V0.1 V0.2
Elevate.gif El.gif
Elevator's textures when looking at it from the outside
V0.1 V0.2
Wood.png ElBack.pngElCeiling.pngElFloor.pngElLWall.pngElRWall.png
Elevator's opening and closing sound
V0.1 V0.2

Baldi's Math Machine

Description Prior update
NPCs could pass through it. V0.1.3
When the player used a wrong number balloon on Baldi's Math Machine, it reduced 5 You Thought Points and the rest of the balloons would not pop. V0.2
Pre-generated maps used the old design and sound. V0.3.3
Baldi's Math Machine would not show bonus questions when all notebooks were collected. V0.3.5
The model of Baldi's Math Machine
V0.1 V0.2
Math Machine placeholder render.png MathMachineRender.png


Description Prior update
WD-NoSquee could not be applied to blue lockers. V0.1.2
The textures were flipped upside down. V0.1.4
Stamina could not be recovered in the blue lockers. The same goes while teleporting by using a Dangerous Teleporter or via a whirlpool. V0.1.5
The game went into noclip mode after hiding in a blue locker and exiting it. It happened after quitting the level while in the blue locker, being sucked in the whirlpool, or teleporting.


Melody LoPorto's poster
V0.1 V0.3
IMG 9524.png IMG 2627.png


Description Prior update
Some roto-halls had an incorrect direction sign. V0.2.2
If using a Grappling Hook on the roto-hall, it will pass through the roto-hall's obstacle part. In that case, the Grappling Hook will hook up to another surface, and eventually, it will snap. V0.3.5

Random events


Description Prior update
The whirlpool would take an item from the inventory. V0.1.4
There were more whirlpools. V0.1.5


Description Prior update
The "8" caption was shown when the event began. V0.1.5

Broken ruler

Description Prior update
Baldi could cause a game over while his ruler was broken. V0.2

Mystery room

Description Prior update
The event lasted from 45 to 60 seconds. V0.1.3


Description Prior update
The event lasted from 30 to 60 seconds. V0.1.3
The caption for the party music was missing. V0.3.1
The caption located at the Principal's office. V0.3.6

Gravity Chaos

Description Prior update
Gravity flippers could appear in an elevator. Even if the elevator is closed, they would still be in the elevator until the event ends. V0.3.5
The time range was longer. Also, NPCs would still try to interact with the player, but they kept moving around the player while oriented opposite.

Game mechanics


Description Prior update
The player could not use hotkeys to select different inventory items. V0.1.1
There was an unused item slot 6 key option.
There was an action key for "Jump" for playing Playtime's minigame. This action is now performed by pressing the "Interact" action key. V0.3.5
There was only a control mapper for the gameplay. V0.3.7


Description Prior update
In the Stealthy and Grapple Challenges, the advanced map was missing a You Can Think Pad layout texture and the background color was black. V0.1.2
The advanced map's background was transparent in Endless Mode - Medium and the challenges. V0.3.3
In Endless Mode - Medium, there was a duplicate the player icon that stays on where the player starts on the map. Additionally, some item icons were missing.
Color of the map lines of the windows depended on the location it is in. V0.3.5
The controls for zooming in and out of the advanced map could not be customized. V0.3.7

Pause menu

Description Prior update
The 'Quit' button was located at the middle. V0.3.3
The You Can Think Pad layout was zoomed in before the pause menu is featured. V0.3.5


Description Prior update
Stamina could not be recovered when hiding in a blue locker or teleporting. V0.1.5
The stamina meter was just a plain bar. V0.2
The stamina was featured as green or red bar. The red part of the bar meant depleted stamina. V0.3.5


Description Prior update
There was only one page for the option menu. V0.3.5


Description Prior update
Captions would appear when the player was in the library. V0.1.2
When Beans says "Hooka a-chew, I'mma chewin' mah gun. Booka, a-too, It's tons o'fum... Er, fun!", the word "gum" is misspelled as "gun". V0.3
1st Prize's captions were usually crimson and his motor sound's caption color was white.
Playtime's music, the party music, and the conveyor belt did not have captions. V0.3.1
Captions were still featured when pausing the game. V0.3.3
Text did not adjust in size in order to fit lengthier captions inside the box.
Originally called "Subtitles". V0.3.6


Description Prior update
The amount of lives are reset after completing a floor. V0.3.5


Description Prior update
The credits screen could be accessed after pressing the Exit transparent.png button in the title screen. Clicking on the left-mouse button in the credits button would immediately close the game. V0.3.5

Field trips

Description Prior update
Items would be lost after losing a field trip. V0.3


Description Prior update
The mechanism was totally different. It had a 3D-styled map and the objective was to keep the campfire burning until the timer runs out. V0.3


Description Prior update
The mechanism was totally different. It had a 3D-styled map and the objective was to reach a goal while in a giant corn maze before the timer reaches 150–350 seconds. V0.3.2
There were no proper captions for animals. V0.3.3

World development

Level generator

Description Prior update
Rarely, an isolated room could spawn. V0.1.4
Swinging doors could spawn on top of each other.
Lockers could be generated over windows and posters.
Rarely, a hallway could connect to inside of the elevator (null tile).


Description Prior update
The player could enter a custom seed greater than 2147483615 or less than -2147483615. V0.1.1
Entering "-" into a seed field would crash the game. V0.1.3


Placeholder wall
V0.1 V0.3.5
Placeholder Wall.png Placeholder Wall W.png
Placeholder floor
V0.1 V0.3.5
Placeholder Floor Plus V0.3.4.png Placeholder Floor.png
Placeholder ceiling
V0.1 V0.3.5
Placeholder Celing Plus V0.3.4.png Placeholder Celing.png
MPTK logo
V0.1 V0.3.5
Logo MPTK Plus V0.3.4.png Logo MPTK.png


Endless Mode

Description Prior update
Big Ol' Boots, An Apple for Baldi, and the fog event were absent. V0.3.3

Challenge Mode

Description Prior update
The game would crash when completing any challenge. V0.1.1

Speedy Challenge

Description Prior update
The floor acronym was C2. V0.3.3

Stealthy Challenge

Description Prior update
The floor acronym was C1. V0.3.3
There was a door to the Principal's office and all faculty rooms can be accessed.

Grapple Challenge

Description Prior update
There was no An Apple for Baldi in the playground. V0.3.3

Unimplemented features



Random events

Field trips


Discontinued features