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For the version differences, see Baldi's Basics Plus/Versions.

This is a list of released update patches for Baldi's Basics Plus.

Update List

Note: Since Baldi's Basics Plus is still in early access, this list is not yet final.

V0.1 sub-versions


This is the first version of the game.


Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.1.1 has been released with some bug fixes! Here's what's changed:
— Changelog, June 13, 2020[1]
  • Fixed the game crashing when completing challenge maps.
  • Custom seed values are now limited to int32 min and max values.
  • Fixed a few bugs caused by trying to view the advanced map in field trips or the elevator.
  • The pause menu will now display the current seed to aid with bug reports.
  • Fixed Baldi not moving in the farm field trip.
  • Subtitles no longer prevent menu items from being clicked on.
  • Increased desk and lunch table spawn buffers so that they can no longer spawn so close to each other that they block areas off. Also reduced the size of their hitboxes.
  • Objects can no longer spawn in the center of the Principal's Office.
  • Implemented item slot hot keys and removed unused item slot 6 key option.
  • Fixed the advanced map crashing on pre-made levels.
  • Fixed pause screen weirdness, which involved the system cursor sometimes not re-locking and multiple menu screens rendering on top of each other.
  • The game will now load the last player's screen settings on start. Different players can still have different screen settings, and whoever played last will have theirs loaded when the program is started. Loading a different player will immediately switch to their screen settings.


Version 0.1.2 of Baldi's Basics Plus has been released! Here's what's changed:
— Changelog, June 19, 2020[2]
  • Playtime now gets sad when you cut her jump rope.
  • Mrs. Pomp's timer will disappear once her class is dismissed.
  • Gave Mrs. Pomp a new voice line for when she spots a player.
  • The Principal whistle now makes the Principal of the Thing come to your location super fast. This is accompanied by a new voice line (This item will become even more useful once PotT will be able to send NPCs to detention in a future update).
  • Nerfed Principal of the Thing. Once aggroed, it is now possible to lose him. He will travel to the last location he saw you, and if he doesn't see you again at this point he will begin wandering until he sees you again. He will remain aggroed until he manages to catch you.
  • Nerfed Gotta Sweep
    • Slowed him down slightly.
    • He now longer sweeps with a force equal to his velocity. Now the force is a bit less, meaning the player and NPCs will slowly phase through him instead of always being at the forefront of his sweep.
  • WD-NoSquee can now be used on blue lockers! Silenced lockers can be used three times before they start making noise again.
  • Nerfed Beans' gum. It does not slow the player down as much as before. It still effects NPCs the same as before, however.
  • Safety Scissors can now be used to cut off Beans' gum.
  • One-way swinging doors can now be traveled through in any direction while open.
  • The version number on the main menu can now be clicked to view all devlogs on
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a game breaking error that would occur if the NameList.dat file is corrupted. If the file is corrupted, the game will now search the save directory for save files and create a new NameList file based on the existing saves.
  • Mrs. Pomp will no longer chase the player while they are wearing a name tag.
  • Fixed the Baldi "jump scare" only working sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to place portal posters on walls adjacent to the edge of the level.
  • Detention time will now properly jump to 99 after reaching a 60 second detention, instead of maxing at 65.
  • Fixed some missing and incorrect subtitles.
  • Playground trees should no longer occasionally appear dark.
  • The map background is no longer effected by fog.
  • Fixed a few names that were cut off the sides of the screen in credits on 4:3 displays.
  • Subtitles no longer appear while inside the library.
  • Fixed a typo in farm field trip description.
  • Fixed the "jump scare" audio continuing to play when re-trying a level.
  • Fixed some environment audio loops not being effected by volume settings (Changes made to settings only apply to sounds that begin playing after changes are made)
  • Fixed the You Can Think Pad not rendering on certain challenge maps.
  • You can no longer see the game in the background when using the control mapper mid-game.
  • Fixed the bear traps using a placeholder sound.


Version 0.1.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus has released! Here's what's changed:
— Changelog, July 7, 2020[3]
  • The Nametag item now works against Beans and Chalkles. They will ignore you while you are wearing it.
  • When wandering into open areas, NPCs will now avoid picking the edges to walk to if possible. This means that hiding in a corner or against a wall with a chalk eraser cloud is a guaranteed way to successfully hide from someone, as there is no chance they will wander close to the wall. Just make sure they didn't see you before using the chalk eraser!
  • Principal of the Thing can now send It's a Bully to detention if he sees him bullying the player.
  • Extended time for the party event. It will now last anywhere from 50 to 80 seconds. Previously, it could last from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Extended time for the mystery room event. It will now last anywhere from 90 to 120 seconds. Previously, it could last from 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Added a version number to the sign-in screen.
  • Lowered guilt time for using the BSODA from 3 seconds to 0.8 seconds. With this change, Principal of the Thing practically has to see you use the BSODA in order to scold you for it.
  • Removed the rare one-way walls from level 3. Yes these were intentional and yes, the cursed things will make a comeback some day.
  • Subtitles that are missing a value will now simply display the key it's looking for instead of the generic "Localized text not found" message.
  • Removed some unnecessary debug warnings that could potentially cause slowdown.
Bug fixes:
  • NPCs can no longer pass through Math Machines
  • Doors now make noise when opened by NPCs (Before they only made noise when closing after opened by an NPC).
  • Fixed a bug that caused notebooks to spawn a bit further away from the math machine each time they were spawned in endless mode.
  • Made improvements to save functionality that will hopefully prevent save data corruption.
  • Instead of crashing, the game will now display an error screen when a corrupted save is attempting to load.
  • If the high scores data file is corrupted, the game will now automatically reset it to defaults.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the backer credits not to display.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed buttons to spawn in mystery rooms.
  • Fixed the invisible trees in the playgrounds of pre-made levels.
  • Entering "-" into a seed field will no longer crash the game, and will instead select a random seed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mrs. Pomp to start attacking the player when they clicked on a locked door.
  • When getting moved while inside a locker (By using a teleporter or getting teleported by Arts and Crafters for example) you will now be removed from the locker.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to place portal posters on tiles that Chalkles could spawn on.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to place portal posters on tiles that are blocked on the player's side of the wall.
  • Fixed the subtitle for Chalkles spawning sound being too short.


Version 0.1.4 has released with a bunch of bug fixes and adjustments, here's what's changed!
— Changelog, July 25, 2020[4]


  • Re-added Baldi's countdown and "ready or not" audio clips.
  • Whirlpools no longer remove items. Instead, they will now suck the player and NPCs in and teleport them somewhere else on the map!
    • Also adjusted the amount of whirlpools that spawn in a flood, and the strength of whirlpools.
  • Tweaked shaders for potentially better performance when fog is not active.
  • Updated to the latest version of Unity 2019 (2019.4.5f1).
  • Added a text prompt on the sign-in screen to enter your name if no names have been added.

Bug fixes:

  • Made multiple fixes to the level generator. The following changes will result in seeds changing!
    • All types of swinging doors should no longer be able to spawn on top of each other.
    • Rooms can no longer spawn at the corners of halls and other rooms. This is to fix a bug that could allow rooms to spawn, but have no connection to a hall or room. This most commonly occurred with Gotta Sweep's closet.
    • Fixed multiple bugs which allowed things such as lockers to spawn over windows and posters to spawn behind wall-covering objects.
  • Principal of the Thing can no longer get stuck inside It's A Bully while trying to send him to detention.
  • Stamina now recharges while inside lockers Okay so this is embarrassing... I fixed this, and then this introduced another bug, so I fixed that, which ultimately... Unfixed this and I didn't realize it until after I released the update. OOPS! Expect this to be fixed in the next update.
  • Math Machine notebooks will now appear on the map in endless mode when they respawn, but before the new problem is solved.
  • The level generator will no longer connect tiles to null tiles, which are used on elevators. This fixes a bug that would allow hallways to rarely connect to the inside of the elevator.
  • Fixed a bug where Playtime wouldn't return to normal speed when using a Nametag while she was chasing you.
  • Fixed upside down locker textures.
  • Principal of the Thing will no longer stop running when being pushed by an outside force when using the Principal Whistle.
  • Fixed a missing subtitle for when notebooks respawn.
  • Fixed Chalkles sprite fade-in. It will now fade in from black to white, instead of from transparent to fully opaque.
  • Fixed Cloudy Copter continuing to blow wind even if he leaves his location to go to a party.
  • Skybox was supposed to render properly in the playground, but due to an oversight it's not quite right yet. A proper fix will be in the next update.
  • Elevators can now be exited from the inside when they are closed as a failsave if the player somehow accesses a closed elevator.


I just released one last minor update before version 0.2 releases in a few weeks! Here's what's changed:
— Changelog, August 15, 2020[5]
  • Whirlpools no longer pull you all the way down to the ground.
  • Increased the speed at which teleporting whirlpools form (The ones that appear where an entity is getting teleported to, not the ones that appear when a flood begins).
  • Reduced the number of whirlpools that spawn in the flood event (The previous amount was only meant for testing purposes. Oops!).
  • The tape player and pay phone now have a cooldown before they can be used again.
  • Playtime now gets sad and cancels the jump rope minigame if you enter a locker while playing.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would allow math machine balloons to get dragged down near then ground when being held while the player got sucked into a whirlpool.
  • Fixed the playground skybox. You should no longer be able to see objects from inside the school above the fence!
  • Marked all shaders as opaque. All shaders are now cutout shaders. This fixed pretty much all sorting issues in the game!
  • Stamina now recharges while inside lockers, while teleporting, and while getting sucked up by a whirlpool.
  • Tweaked the NPC navigator to ensure the height value of destinations is always the same. This should reduce the vertical shaking that you'd sometimes see from NPCs. It should also prevent bugs where certain NPCs would sink down into the floor.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause NPCs to get stuck when wandering into open areas with only one entrance/exit and with no wall-less tiles.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the player to retain the effects of the Faculty Nametag after it wore off if they died or quit with one and then used another before restarting the program.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to be stuck in the wrong layer (Removing all collision) when quitting while "hidden" (In a locker, while teleporting, or while getting sucked up by a whirlpool), and then hiding again before restarting the program.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use tapes on tape players and quarters on payphones without the items being used up in explorer mode, allowing the items to be used infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug which caused "8" to show up as a subtitle when the fog event started.
  • Reworked the cameras a bit to remove conflicts when being assigned to multiple locations. This was primarily to fix a bug where the camera would be in the wrong location when entering a locker while playing jump rope.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed whirlpools to spawn in locations that they shouldn't, like inside the elevator.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed whirlpools to send the player to locations where they could get stuck. This should no longer be possible.

Thanks for playing, and I hope you're all looking forward to 0.2!

V0.2 sub-versions


Version 0.2 is finally out! Before checking out this changelog I recommend playing the game and discovering the new stuff for yourself. Here's most of the changes from 0.1.5:
— Changelog, September 12, 2020[6]
Adjustments and Additions:
  • Added 1st Prize! He's back and ready to start hugging you again!
  • Added Johnny's Store! You can now buy items or have your map filled with the YTPs you earn. The store will also show you a description of any item you mouse over. Johnny will keep you company while you shop!
  • Added many new ways to earn You Thought Points, including:
    • Picking up regular notebooks (+10)
    • Finishing jump rope with Playtime (+25 if you do it perfectly, the reward drops by 5 each time you mess up)
    • Field trips (+100, +200, or +300 depending on performance)
    • Time bonus
    • Grade bonus
  • Added lots of new artwork, mostly replacing graphics that were previously placeholders. Updated graphics include:
    • Elevator screen. This has been completely revamped. There's even some music that plays while you wait!
    • Elevator in-game. The doors and inside now have proper textures. Also added new elevator door sounds.
    • Gotta Sweep's closet. The door now uses a new "Supplies" texture, and the inside uses whatever textures the halls are using.
    • Math Machine. This now has a design that is final! It will even light up to let you know if your answer was correct or not. Note, I'm aware that the pre-made maps still use the old design. This will be fixed once I rework the way pre-made levels are built and saved.
    • Grappling Hook. The icon is the same, but the projectile uses a much nicer sprite, and cracks appear where it hits a surface.
    • Staminometer. The stamina bar is no longer just a boring bar!
  • The elevator results screen now displays accurate values instead of placeholders.
  • Added a new event: Gravity Chaos! If you're upside down, any NPCs who aren't won't be able to interact with you, and vice-versa!
  • The grappling hook can now be used 5 times before it's used up.
  • Baldi can no longer end the game if his ruler is broken.
Bug Fixes
  • Made changes to the sprite shaders that should prevent automatic batching, which was causing sprites to turn dark when multiple of the same sprites were near each other.
  • Fixed the script that handles multi-angled sprites (1st Prize, The Test). Viewing angles weren't quite right before.
  • Reworked the script that NPCs use to "see" the player so that they consistently detect the player even if the player is moving quickly or is inside the NPC. This occasionally caused strange behavior.
  • Fixed clunky vertical mouse movement with the in-game mouse. It should be super smooth now!
  • Fixed portal posters not rendering properly.
  • Fixed Chalkles not rendering properly.
  • Fixed the arrows not pointing in the direction the Principals are moving in in the Stealthy Challenge.
  • Fixed some materials that were using old shaders that did not have fog or lighting effects.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter lockers while being pushed by an outside force.
  • Corrected the color of Principal of the Thing's "I'm coming!" subtitle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs in field trips to descend below the map.

That's it! I'm sorry for taking so long to get this first major update out. Trust me though, things are speeding up, and 0.3 will be released much more quickly! I hope you'll look forward to it!


Note: This update was released on September 13, 2020, but there was no update log until V0.2.2 development log was posted.
Since I never uploaded a changelog for version 0.2.1, I'll also include that in this update.
— Changelog, September 19, 2020[7]
Bug Fixes
  • Made it so that 1st Prize can actually spawn.
  • Fixed Johnny's subtitles (They are disabled now, as they aren't important for gameplay. Once I set up a system for non-directional subtitles, I will re-implement them).
  • Fixed the store entrance icon not displaying correctly on some displays.


Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.2.2 is available now!
— Changelog, September 19, 2020[8]
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed endless mode using the old texture for Gotta Sweep's closet.
  • Fixed NPCs' vision not being affected by fog properly.
  • Fixed Principal of the Thing sending players to detention twice in a row for no reason.
  • Fixed issues caused by changes made to the way billboarded sprites work that would occasionally cause sprites to flip upside down and do other weird things during the flood event.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the credits.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused posters to not render properly, making them invisible.
  • On OSX, fixed a bug that caused fog to always be white, even if it was supposed to be a different color.
  • On OSX, fixed a shader oversight that resulted in sprites causing extreme slowdown (On some OSX systems).
  • Fixed inaccurate textures on the roto-hall signs.
  • Items purchased from the store will now go straight to your inventory, instead of the counter, if there's room. Items will only go to the counter once the inventory is full.
  • When exiting the store, the confirmation dialogue will now only show if there are items on the counter.
  • The text on the exit confirmation dialogue has been changed to make clearer the fact that items left on the counter will be lost.
  • Shortened Johnny's voice line for when you mouse over the map fill item. He now simply says "This will fill out your map!"
  • Safety Scissors can now be used to stun 1st Prize for 30 seconds. The effect is cumulative, so using multiple scissors on it will result in the stun lasting even longer.
  • Updated the item description for Safety Scissors to offer clearer details on its use.

V0.3 sub-versions


Version 0.3 has just released, the Speed Up-date!
— Changelog, November 21, 2020[9]

The focus of this update was not adding new content, but making improvements to existing content. It might not sound like much, but some of the improvements made are literally game changing!

The main change is that the overall game speed has been increased and the game has been re-balanced! This change was something I've wanted to add for a while, but I didn't want to take it lightly. It's a big change and I wanted to make sure it was done right, and I think it was. The reason for this change is simply that with the larger levels and longer time required to beat the game, using the speed of the original game proved to be a bit too sluggish. Of course, I was also careful not to make the game too fast, as Baldi's Basics is meant to be a slower, more methodical experience than most other games. I think I managed to get that balance just right. I've had a handful of people help test the new speed and they've all agreed that it's a huge improvement over the old speed. Of course the speed of Baldi has also been increased, so almost everything else in the game has been tweaked accordingly. Even things like detention now count down faster than real seconds. When you first start playing this update, the new speed might seem off-putting at first, but please be sure to try playing the game a few times and I think almost everyone will become used to the new speed and agree it's a big improvement!

Among all of the following changes, I also want to mention that I have a couple more big things planned to release via minor updates in the coming weeks. First off, with the revamped field trips I was not able to finish the new farm minigame in time, so I opted to leave it out for now but it will be added shortly. Second, I plan on completely changing the way pre-made maps are saved (In development) and loaded, which will future proof them and fix the bugs currently found in them. I'm sorry for the delay on these features and thankful for your patience!

Adjustments and Additions:
  • Increased the overall game speed and re-adjusted overall game balance.
  • Added a save and continue feature! Whenever you're in the elevator while playing Hide and Seek, you'll now have the option to save and quit your game. The next time you select Hide and Seek mode, you'll continue exactly where you left off! Saved games are saved to your file, so you can even close the game and come back later and you'll still be able to continue.
  • Field trips are getting revamped! There's a new camping minigame, and a new farm minigame will be added in a minor update to be released in a few weeks. The new field trip minigames are designed to be simpler and quicker, but also more fun and engaging.
    • You can also play an endless variant of the new minigame when you play it through the Field Trips mode!
    • Because of the field trips being completely changed, old high high scores will be erased!
  • Items are no longer lost when losing field trips.
  • While using a controller, you can now press and hold the run button to increase the speed of the virtual cursor.
  • Changed the ending to something much better... But it's still a placeholder (The dab was never really intended to be in the game at release).
    • You might be able to see some cool new shader effects in action in the new ending...
  • Reworked how Baldi moves. His speed is now controlled completely independently from his slap rate. His speed as his anger increases is also now controlled by a curve, and each level has its own curve to allow for a more finetuned difficulty per-level.
  • Baldi will now always reach the same speed once all notebooks are collected, no matter how many are collected before he spawns. The player still gets an advantage when notebooks are collected before he spawns, but once the last notebook is collected he will always be at the max speed for the level.
  • Instead of spawning NPCs once the player walks a certain distance away from Baldi, Baldi will begin counting down from 10 once the player leaves the elevator area, and when Baldi finishes counting, all NPCs will spawn.
    • Furthermore, NPCs (With a few exceptions) can no longer spawn near the player. If an NPC tries spawning while the player is nearby, they will wait until the player wanders away before spawning.
  • Made improvements to the level generator:
    • Added decorative objects
    • Large rooms will now always have swinging doors placed on opposite sides if possible
    • When generating extra hallways, sometimes they would stop at large rooms and not connect, creating very bad dead-ends. Now these will be forced to connect, reducing the chances of dead-ends generating in levels
  • When picking up items with a full inventory, the currently highlighted item will now be swapped with the item you picked up, instead of the highlighted item being destroyed.
  • When solving a Math Machine, Baldi will now stop and give the player positive reinforcement. While he is stopped, collision with him will not cause you to lose a life. If Baldi is hot on your heels, this could save your life!
  • Math Machines use a new sound for correct answers.
  • Changed a Kickstarter backer photo at their request.
  • Vending machines will now run out of stock when used.
    • Note that currently, vending machines in pre-made levels will not display signs when out of stock.
  • Each level now always generates with a static number of notebooks, instead of a varying number. Level 1 always has 4, level 2 always has 7, and level 3 always has 9. The only exception to this is in rare cases where not enough class rooms generate to place all notebooks.
  • 1st Prize's subtitles are now cyan.
  • Reduced the price of the map on levels 1 and 2.
  • Added some more game testers to the credits. Give a big thanks to Josh, Padre Snowmizzle, LiNX 4, Dave Microwaves Games, and JayskiBean for offering their feedback on the game changes!
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed coin doors occasionally spawning in blocked off areas, potentially trapping players.
  • Added many missing subtitles and fixed some typos.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause extra halls to generate without being connected to anything, creating small areas completely blocked off from the rest of the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused objects next to a library to be silent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mrs. Pomp, Beans, and 1st Prize to not stay in the Principal's Office during the party event.
  • Fixed the water fountain blocking NPCs lines of sight.
  • Fixed a bug that caused subtitles to behave weirdly when entering the library.


Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.1 is out now with a handful of bug fixes! Here's what's changed:
— Changelog, December 4, 2020[10]
Bug Fixes
  • Made it so lunch tables require more space to spawn in faculty locker rooms, preventing blocked off areas from being created.
  • Mrs. Pomp's map timer now updates as soon as it appears to reflect the correct amount of time.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when buying a map on level 1 or 2, and then beating the level before losing a life.
  • Playtime's music, conveyor belts, and the party music now all have subtitles.
  • Added some missing subtitles.
  • Certain NPCs besides Baldi will now ignore conveyor belts, as they were previously getting stuck on them.

In the next few weeks, a new version of the farm field trip will be added, and the pre-made maps will all be re-worked so that they no longer have so many bugs. I hope you'll all look forward to that!


Version 0.3.2 is out now, and it brings with it the new farm field trip! Here's the full changelog:
— Changelog, December 18, 2020[11]
Adjustments and Additions
  • Added the new farm field trip! In this minigame you'll need to quickly click and drag animals through a corn maze and into the barn.
  • Adjusted the camping minigame difficulty to be slightly easier in-game. There is now one more three fire problem than before and one less four fire problem than before.
  • Pressing and holding escape for one second while playing an the endless variant of a field trip will allow you to exit it at any given moment. There is no pause function during these minigames to prevent cheating.
  • Reworked Arts and Crafters. The "attacking" animation is now completely different and less annoying. Now only the player will be teleported and Baldi will be unaffected.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed apple trees not having apples.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented basketball hoops from ever generating and other objects from not generating in the maximum possible quantity set in the generator settings.
  • Fixed Arts and Crafters often breaking after attacking and getting stuck while playing the loud sound effect.


Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.3 is finally ready, and will release this Friday, June 25. As I mentioned in the previous devlog discussing the game's development roadmap, this update is mostly revamped internal stuff, so while there isn't much in the way of new content, this update is very important in fixing up some bugs and making sure development moving forward goes smoothly. You can read that devlog here if you haven't: The normal development cycle will begin as soon as the game design document is finished, and I'll be sure to let everyone know when that happens!
— Changelog, June 23, 2021[12]

One of the most important pieces of information about this update is that some changes to saving were made. Due to these changes, any saved games of Hide-and-Seek will be erased, so be sure to play any games you have in progress before updating! High scores will also be reset, so if you'd like to keep those around to share your best pre-0.3.3 scores, you'll want to take a screenshot of them! Save files, settings, and the seed unlock for Hide-and-Seek will not be lost or reset upon updating.

Below I've included a changelog for the update. Due to how long this update has been in the works, I'll probably miss a few things, but this should cover most notable changes.

Adjustments and Additions:
  • Updated Unity to 2020 LTS. This may bring some improvements along with it, such as an improved Time.deltaTime which may make the game run a bit more smoothly.
  • I have implemented a new system for loading pre-made levels. This system works by loading in prefabs at runtime similarly to the random level generator, but unlike the level generator, the levels are loaded from data files storing which elements go where, instead of created by making random decisions based on the seed. All pre-made maps have been converted to this new format, which fixes a slew of issues they previously had due to the old, poor loading system. The levels using the new system are
  • This new system also makes it easier for me to make levels by hand, something I'll start doing for many future challenge maps.
  • All levels now use one single Unity scene. When new levels are loaded, this scene is loaded and the desired level is then generated/loaded. This, among other changes, has drastically reduced the size of the game.
  • Save system now uses encrypted Json files instead of BinaryFormatter for security purposes. The file extensions for save files have also been changed.
    • As part of this update, old saves will be converted to the new format. The old format save files will be deleted as part of this process, so if you'd like to keep your old format save files for any reason, you should back them up.
  • Reworked Arts and Crafters teleportation again, hopefully for the last time! It now teleports both the player and Baldi again, but now Baldi will always be a set distance away from the player, with the player always spawning near an elevator. The player should always be placed between Baldi and the elevator. The way teleportation locations are now selected should prevent both entities from spawning somewhere where they would be trapped.
  • All items now have large and small sprites. Small sprites (32x32) are used in UI elements, and large sprites (64x64) are used for the pickup sprites.
  • Added ambient noises.
  • Adjusted pause screen button positions so that quit isn't so easy to accidentally click on.
  • Added the boots and apple items, and the fog event, to the possible things which can appear in randomly generated endless mode maps.
  • Made some improvements to subtitles
    • Text will now adjust in size in order to fit lengthier subtitles inside the box.
    • Added subtitles to both field trips and Johnny's store.
  • The maze in the farm field trip is now shuffled after every five rounds.
  • Added a buffer to Math Machines that should prevent balloons from getting too close to them. This should help prevent players from accidentally clicking on balloons when trying to submit an answer.
  • NPCs can now travel through portal posters.
  • Notebook colors are now randomized.
  • Many Baldi and Principal of the Thing lines have been re-recorded so that they all sound consistent.
Bug Fixes
  • With the new level loading system in placed, many bugs that existed in premade maps were fixed, including
    • Math Machines using outdated textures and sounds
    • Elevators using outdated textures and sounds
    • Snack and soda machines not getting the "Out of goodness" sign when used up
  • Fixed a few bugs with subtitles
    • Subtitles no longer appear when pausing the game.
    • Subtitles will now be visible for sounds that started playing before subtitles were turned on.

I probably missed a few things, but that about covers the most important stuff. Again, remember to play out any saved games of Hide & Seek before updating!

Finally, I just wanted to mention that with 0.3.3 complete, I'm going to get back to work on finishing Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered. Look forward to news regarding that game's release date soon!


Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.4 has just released! This update was mostly focused on fixing bugs introduced in 0.3.3, but it also contains a few other changes as well. Here's the full changelog:
— Changelog, July 2, 2021[13]
  • Made changes to Mrs. Pomp's behavior
    • After telling the player to come to her class, she will now run back to her class room instead of walking back.
    • The way she drags the player to her class has been overhauled. Before this worked by freezing the player's movement and pulling them along a path towards the targeted class room, and Mrs. Pomp would follow the player. Now, the player is pulled towards Mrs. Pomp as she runs to her class room. The player's movement during this is slowed, but not frozen. If the player manages to be separated from Mrs. Pomp, they will gain full movement again and stop being pulled towards her, until she realizes she lost the player, at which point she will return to grab the player again. This continues until she gets the player in her class room.
    • This change was actually introduced in 0.3.3 - Instead of freezing the player in place when she pulls the player into her class room, she now shuts and locks all the doors. With this change you can now move around the room as she teaches, and even escape with keys.
    • Once Mrs. Pomp finishes teaching, she will now reset after a few minutes, at which point she can invite the player to another class.
    • Mrs. Pomp can now open any locked doors (Not swinging doors) that she comes into contact with.
  • Balloons now spawn in random positions in their designated rooms, instead of in the center.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the missing closet door in the grapple challenge.
  • Fixed Gotta Sweep not spawning in the closet in the grapple challenge.
  • Fixed endless medium high scores being saved to the endless random leaderboards.
  • Fixed the custom seed field not unlocking when beating the game.
  • Fixed the missing tape player in the endless medium map.
  • Fixed the incorrect subtitle colors for the many of the voice lines for Baldi and Principal.
  • Fixed missing subtitles for a couple of the Principal's lines.
  • Fixed being able to get scolded for breaking rules in the principal's office in the stealthy challenge.
  • Fixed the alarm clock sprite not being affected by fog.
  • Fixed the balloons being stuck in one corner of the room in the Hide & Seek ending.
  • Fixed the detention time text being misaligned with the detention description text.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the elevator doors in the grapple challenge to close even before the player left the elevator.


Note, settings and control maps will be reset! View the updated changelog and info regarding the MacOS version here!
— Changelog, May 7, 2022[14]

0.3.5 is out now on Windows and Linux! Before updating, note that, due to changes made since 0.3.4, settings and control maps will be reset. If you have a complex control map setup, please make sure you know what it is so you can recreate it after updating!

MacOS users, unfortunately I'm encountering a pretty bad freezing issue with the MacOS build. I haven't been able to fix it or even diagnose it. It's... Weird, to say the least. I'll try to get to the bottom of it soon, but for now I've decided to delay it until I find a fix.

Here is the changelog for most of the changes found in 0.3.5. Additions from the changelog in the previous post are in bold. Also, one bug fix which I thought was fixed (The blurry skyboxes on Linux) actually isn't fixed. Not sure why I thought it was but hey, I'll do what I can to get crisp skybox pixels on Linux!
MacOS version is also available, but may be unstable. Please comment here if you have (Or don't have!) any issues with it!
— Changelog, May 7, 2022[15]

0.3.5 is out now on Windows and Linux! Before updating, note that, due to changes made since 0.3.4, settings and control maps will be reset. If you have a complex control map setup, please make sure you know what it is so you can recreate it after updating!

MacOS users, unfortunately I'm encountering a pretty bad freezing issue with the MacOS build. I haven't been able to fix it or even diagnose it. It's... Weird, to say the least. I'll try to get to the bottom of it soon, but for now I've decided to make the 0.3.5 MacOS build available alongside the 0.3.4 version. You can try 0.3.5 and see if it works, but do so at your own risk! Know that it might freeze up after loading a level at least twice. If you play 0.3.5 on Mac, please let me know how it goes. If it's freezing you can go back to 0.3.4, but keep in mind downgrading might cause some weird issues with you saves and settings. Again, try it at your own risk!

Here is the changelog for most of the changes found in 0.3.5. Additions from the changelog in the previous post are in bold. Also, one bug fix which I thought was fixed (The blurry skyboxes on Linux) actually isn't fixed. Not sure why I thought it was but hey, I'll do what I can to get crisp skybox pixels on Linux!

  • Added support for the Steamworks API. When played on Steam, the following features are enabled:
    • Full Steam Input support.
    • The game automatically pauses when the Steam overlay is opened.
    • An achievement system has been implemented, but the game will not receive any achievements until the 1.0 update.
    • A new file button appears if the game is being played on Steam Deck or in Big Picture mode. This will open an on-screen keyboard allowing you to enter your name with a controller.
    • Clicking on the seed button to enable a custom seed will open an on-screen keyboard on Steam Deck or while the game is running in Steam Big Picture mode.
  • Rumble support. If enabled, the controller will rumble when Baldi is nearby and when being caught by Baldi. If the controller being used has two individually controlled rumble motors, the side of the controller that corresponds with the direction Baldi is in relative to the player will rumble more than the other.
  • Added a visual effect when getting caught by Baldi, similar to the one in Baldi's Basics Classic.
  • Added a slam effect for when 1st Prize is stopped while traveling at high speeds. This sound will get Baldi's attention.
  • Once all notebooks have been collected, Math Machines re-light for bonus questions! Answering bonus questions will reward the player with YTPs.
  • Added screen transition effects. When moving between menus, a dithering transition is used.
  • Added instructions and a jump rope counter that appears on screen when playing jump rope.
  • All menu screens now use the in-game cursor. The OS cursor of your computer is no longer used for anything in the game, except for the control mapper.
  • All menu screens (And other UI based screens, such as the field trips) now render to a 480x360 render texture, which is then displayed on screen. This ensures all GUI elements remain pixel perfect.
    • This screen uses a shader that can filter the pixels so that they appear square, even on non-integer scaled resolutions, with minimal blurring. This eliminates some strange effects where pixels may appear to be different sizes on some displays. This filter is optional, but it's recommended to leave it on for the best appearance.
  • Created a brand new options menu that is compatible with the in-game mouse and features more settings. Changes/additions include:
    • Divided settings into multiple pages.
    • Settings now have tooltips with more info on what each setting is for.
    • Added a rumble toggle.
    • Added a reduce flashing toggle (Currently doesn't do much as Baldi's Basics Plus doesn't have much flashing at the moment).
    • Added a vsync toggle.
    • Added a pixel filtering toggle for the improved GUI rendering.
    • Separate sensitivity settings for mouse and controller sensitivity, and for the in-game cursor and turning speeds.
    • Added buttons to delete a file (The erase toggle on the name select screen has been removed), to reset endless mode high scores, and to reset field trip high scores.
    • Replaced all sliders with segmented adjustment bar thingies (I don't know what they're called).
    • Improved the design of the Rewired control mapper.
      • I plan on eventually adding a fully custom control mapper that uses the in-game cursor and allows for control maps to be saved per-file, rather than being shared across all files. As it turns out though, creating a custom control mapper is complicated! For now, the one included with Rewired (Which is what Baldi's Basics uses to handle input) should be good enough.
    • Added a button to access the Steam Input control mapper if Steam Input is active.
  • Cleaned up the pause menu and added a quit confirmation screen.
  • Updated most menu text to use text from the localization file.
  • All tiles (The wall, floor, and ceiling cubes that levels are made out of) now use a single mesh, instead of a bunch of quads as before. These meshes are textured with texture atlases generated at runtime. The reduced mesh count, along with some other adjustments, has drastically reduced the number of draw calls per-frame (I'm talking dropping from a few thousand to a few hundred!) and improved performance quite a bit.
  • This new tile setup required a new system for windows. Windows are now generated similarly to doors, with their own quad and game object, rather than simply being a transparent poster for a wall.
  • Sprite billboarding is now handled via shaders instead of a script (With a few exceptions). This has also improved performance a little bit.
  • Moved credits to the about screen. The game now closes after clicking the exit button without any further player input.
  • Volume settings now use Unity's Audio Mixer system to control the volume of different types of sound effects.
  • Some sounds now have custom volume multipliers. This is used to make several sounds that were too loud before quieter.
  • Improved randomness of color glitching shader effects (Currently only used in the current end sequence, but will see more use later).
  • Adjusted TextMeshPro assets so that the fonts are spaced better.
  • Gameplay HUD elements will now scale such that they remain pixel-perfect no matter the resolution.
  • Gave the stamina meter (Staminometer) a proper design.
  • Created a custom dithering effect for shaders that isn't bad like Unity's built in one is. This new method seems to be compatible on everything, including Mac OS (Which the old one didn't play nice with), so now the same shader is used on all platforms and fog dithering is available on Mac OS.
  • NPCs now exist in their own layer in order to improve collision. Mainly, NPCs should no longer get in the way of the player trying to click on objects.
  • Posters with text now generate text at runtime, rather than having text baked into the texture. Poster text is now controlled by the currently loaded localization file. This change was made to make localizing the game into other languages easier.
    • As a result of this change, some posters have had their designs tweaked.
  • Game save data and most options are now stored in separate files. This is in order to prepare for Steam Cloud save support, which will be implemented at a later date. Some settings, such as resolution settings, will not be synced on the cloud since they will probably not be the same across different devices.
  • Removed Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered exclusive code that was left in the previous version.
  • Optimized the class NPCs use to "see" the player so that it no longer generates garbage.
  • Made it possible for sounds to contain multiple subtitles. This is used to prevent longer audio clips from having too much text for one subtitle being displayed at once.
  • Reworked how NPCs detect being looked at by the player. It is now much more consistent than it used to be.
  • Reworked Arts and Crafter's behavior to be more manageable, and more similar to how it was in Baldi's Basics Classic. He will now run away if he sees the player for a short amount of time, whether the player is looking at him or not.
  • What counts as looking at Arts and Crafters is now a bit more generous.
  • Arts and Crafters is now hidden when he spawns so that he cannot be found in strange locations before being triggered to appear somewhere.
  • WD-NoSquee has always worked such that, once used on a door, that door can be opened four times before the effect wears off, whether it is opened by the player or by an NPC. Now, NoSquee is only used up when the player opens the door, not when NPCs open it.
  • Textures and sprites now have their contrast slightly increased as lights get darker.
  • Mrs. Pomp now pauses the environment and NPCs when grabbing the player to tell them about her class.
  • Mrs. Pomp now drags the player further into her class room before letting go and locking the doors.
  • Reduced the possible time range for the Gravity Chaos event.
  • Implemented a new detour system for NPCs when they target the player. During Gravity Chaos, this system is used to direct most NPCs to gravity flippers if their current orientation is opposite the player's. This prevents NPCs from annoyingly trying, but failing, to collide with the player over and over again during the event.
  • Reworked The Test's speed increase method. It now will increase to a new pre-determined value each time the player looks away from The Test while in his sight. After a certain number of times doing this, The Test will instantly travel to the player's position when looked away from. Be careful!
  • Level loading will now only begin when the elevator screen door is closed. With this change, you can no longer see the level begin to load when starting a new game or beating/losing a level.
  • The name entry screen has been moved to the same scene as the main menu, allowing for a smoother transition between the two.
  • First Prize now has an improved method of grabbing the player. Should be a bit smoother than before!
  • Removed the jump button. Jump rope now uses the action button for jumping.
  • Tweaks to the default control map.
  • Updated info on the about page.
  • Principal of the Thing will now only spawn in his office.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a minor error in Playtime's animation.
  • Set sprite shaders to the Unlit Sprite material setting. This has fixed some odd issues with certain sprites.
  • Fixed the game loading incorrect window and resolution settings on startup.
  • Fixed issues with the skybox rendering weird from certain angles.
  • Fixed skyboxes being blurry on Linux.
  • Fog now properly renders on the skybox.
  • Fixed a bug that caused deleted files to not actually be deleted (They would only be removed from the in-game list of names, but the actual file would remain).
  • Fixed a lighting calculation issue.
  • Fixed flipping upside down not also flipping audio and subtitles.
  • Fixed an issue where the dangerous teleporter and whirlpools could spawn the player in game breaking positions.
  • Fixed an issue where Arts and Crafters would try to run from the player while chasing them or trying to teleport them.
  • Fixed an issue where Arts and Crafters could collide with the player during Gravity Chaos while oriented opposite the player.
  • Fixed a bug that would softlock the game if Mrs. Pomp caught the player to tell them to be at her class while in her class room.
  • Fixed whirlpool triggers being able to interfere with clicking on objects.
  • Fixed grappling hook being able to pass through roto halls.
  • Made the frequency at which the funny sound in Johnny's store plays framerate independent.
  • Fixed NPCs, whirlpools, and gravity flippers being able to spawn in off-limits areas like elevators
  • Fixed for being visible on the map screen (Was this a thing in version 0.3.4? I'm thinking I may have accidentally re-introduced it and then fixed it again since that update lol).
  • Fixed elevator screen sometimes being visible for a frame at its normal scale before playing the zoom animation.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the level generator to crash if it couldn't find a valid place to put an elevator on the side of the level it initially chose to put it on. Now, if no valid location is found, it will try other sides until a valid location is found.


0.3.6 is out now with tons of bug fixes!
— Changelog, May 13, 2022[16]

Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.6 has just released, and with it comes a lot of bug fixes! Thanks to everyone who reported bugs, that was a huge help.

The MacOS version is still on hold unfortunately, as I still haven't figured out what's causing it to freeze. With these bug fixes out of the way though I'll be able to spend some more time digging into the issue.

Here's the full changelog, as well as some known issues I haven't taken the time to fix yet. You don't have to worry about reporting those!

  • Renamed "subtitles" to "captions".
  • The player can now move around a little bit while being hugged by 1st Prize.
  • When being pushed by 1st Prize or Gotta Sweep, the player will automatically open any doors they collide with.
  • Updated copyright.
  • Added the ability to past seeds into the new seed entry system. Just press Control/Command + V when a valid seed is saved to the clipboard!
  • Placed the Hide-and-Seek button in a more prominent spot to make it clearer that it's the main mode.
  • If a file's resolution is manually set by modifying the config file, that resolution will be added to the list of available resolutions in the options screen until the setting is changed and the game is closed.
  • Camera no longer renders while pause screens and field trips are open. This should allow for smoother performance on low end hardware while on these screens.
  • Added transitions when loading and leaving field trips and when entering and leaving Johnny's store.
  • Adjusted the value of the minimum mouse camera sensitivity setting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed windows not having the correct broken glass texture (Not sure how that one slipped by, whoops!).
  • Fixed Rewired control mapper maps being reset every time the game is started.
  • Fixed Steam Input not working during in-game field trips.
  • Fixed the "NO" button on the quit confirm screen not having a transition.
  • Fixed the player being able to click through windows.
  • Fixed gum passing through windows.
  • Fixed the grappling hook not latching onto windows.
  • Fixed apple trees not having apples.
  • Fixed the water fountain spout and grappling hook cracks rendering over other sprites.
  • Fixed the water fountain spout sprite billboarding. It is now static.
  • Fixed captions being stuck reversed when losing, quitting, or beating a level while upside down.
  • Fixed being able to pause during in-game field trips by opening the Steam Overlay.
  • Fixed 1st being able to pass through players under certain conditions.
  • Fixed sometimes being left behind by 1st Prize when passing through doors.
  • Fixed display issues on resolutions thinner then 4:3.
    • Fixed hud elements overlapping or going off screen.
    • Fixed menu screens being too small and low res.
  • Fixed multi-part posters not loading into levels properly.
  • Fixed being able to press the pause button and unpausing the game while using the Rewired control mapper.
  • Improved the appearance of the dither transition on non-integer scale resolutions with the pixel filter on.
  • Fixed party music playing from 0,0,0 instead of the Principal's Office.
  • Fixed window breaking missing a caption.
  • Fixed many dither transitions playing way too fast.
  • Fixed visual issues when quickly opening and closing the map.
  • Fixed the jump rope rendering on top of pause screens.
  • Fixed objects close to the camera near clip plane rendering on pause screens.
Known Issues
  • The principal's office tape player desk sometimes sticks out a window.
  • Arts and Crafter's clones during the teleport animation don't always match his orientation during Gravity Chaos.
  • Holding the quick map open when opening the advanced map causes a bit of visual weirdness.
  • Pressing opposite directional buttons to move the quick map can cause it to move at slow speeds.


0.3.7 is out now with fixes for control issues!
— Changelog, May 20, 2022[17]

Baldi's Basics Plus version 0.3.7 has just released! It's a small patch to address some issues many players were reporting with the in-game cursor movement being treated as a joystick input. While there were ways to fix it when it happened, this patch will hopefully prevent it from happening anymore. Note, that due to the changes made, this update will reset your current control maps!

The MacOS version is still on hold until further notice, sorry about the wait! I've figured out what's causing the issue and it actually seems to be a problem on Unity's end, not mine, so I'm waiting to hear back from them regarding a bug report I sent. Fingers crossed the issue gets worked out soon!

Here's the full changelog:

  • Made menu controls visible in the Rewired control mapper. You can now change controls for mouse cursor movement, clicking, map zoom, etc.
  • Adjusted default control map settings. By default, the arrow keys can be used to control the in-game cursor, and enter to click.
  • Holding the control key when the Basically Games logo disappears will reset the controls to the defaults.
  • If the game detects a bad mouse mapping, it will reset the mouse control map to the defaults (A bad mouse map would be assigning mouse movement to a few Joystick inputs or removing the cursor maps, among other things). This is to prevent a scenario where the in-game cursor becomes impossible to move.
  • The "check for updates" button on the main menu now leads to the game's Steam news page.
  • Fixed several issues with the way Rewired was setup. This will hopefully prevent the weirdness that was occurring in 0.3.6 (If not, the bad mouse map detection should act as a failsafe).
  • Fixed glitched invert axis icons.

V0.4 sub-versions


For this update, mystman12 will work on the game design document until it is completed after V0.3.3, so V0.4 is still a ways off.[18] He thinks it will not be released before the end of 2021, but he thinks there is a decent chance he will have finished the game design document by then and be working on major updates.[19]

V0.5 sub-versions



V1.0 sub-versions


This update will be the final major release that will firstly feature new challenge maps, better menus, horror and story elements, achievements, etc.[20]


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