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This is a list of released update patches for Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo.

Update List


This is the first version of the game.


A few days ago I finally pushed an update for the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo!
— Kickstarter update, January 25, 2020[1]
  • Fixed a few level generator crashes.
  • Fixed event text becoming permanent when hiding in a locker.
  • Fixed Baldi having incorrect outfits in camping and farm field trips.
  • NPCs who enter the mystery room can now exit, and will not be trapped inside.
  • Fixed Baldi continuing to be pushed by Cloudy Copter's wind even after exiting it.
  • Improved the way in which tiles manage being blocked. Previously, if a tile was blocked by two objects (Eg. a locked swinging door and a roto hall) and one unlocked, NPCs would be able to pass through the tile even if it was still blocked by something else. This should no longer occur.
  • Some other minor tweaks and fixes.
  • DO NOT SPRAY BALDI WITH A BSODA WHILE HE'S EATING AN APPLE. I... don't believe I've fixed that yet.


Released on March 14, 2020.


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