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Baldi's Basics Kickstarter Exclusive Demo is a backer-only demo for Baldi's Basics Plus by Basically, Games!. It is only available to backers who donated $30 or above to the game's Kickstarter. The demo was delayed twice: Upon the early demo's release, mystman12 first mentioned that the Kickstarter demo was supposed to come out around September 2019, then around October 2019 before Halloween. Although the demo finally finished its development on November 2, 2019, the download codes that were supposed to be sent to the backers did not work out well due to surveys not going out yet. The codes were finally sent out on November 5, 2019.

Unlike Full Game Early Demo, this demo includes three randomly-generated levels along with a new random event (mystery room), three structures, and a brand new field trip (Farm). It also introduced a new character (Chalkles), Cloudy Copter returned, three new items were added (Dirty Chalk Eraser, Principal Whistle, and Faculty Nametag) along with all previously existing items, one new mode (Free Run Mode), and a new special location (Library) upon its first release.

The second update was released on March 14, 2020. The update added two new characters (Beans and Mrs. Pomp) and some more structures (Baldi's Math Machine, number balloon, and the water fountain).

There was also another new field trip planned, but its implementation was delayed three times, and ultimately, it was cancelled due to running out of time.[1] The new field trip was then planned to be added in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.2,[2] but it was delayed again and its release is coming sometime in the future.[3]


  • When accessing a pirated copy of the demo, a screen of a traumatized Baldi-like character will be displayed.
  • Backers who backed $30 or above received a survey and then a Steam code to play Kickstarter Exclusive Demo. This is done to make sure the non-backers or backers who backed below $30 cannot play this demo.
  • The scripts for this game are compiled using IL2CPP, which makes it difficult for modders to change the code and/or people to look at the code.
  • For some reason, the pause screen adds 4:3 borders to the screen as if it is a 4:3 game again. Closing it reverts to the player's resolution or selected resolution.



  1. "One final, less positive note, I unfortunately won't be able to get the new field trip finished for the Kickstarter Exclusive Demo. I'm really sorry to any of you who were looking forward to that update. The field trip will, of course, eventually be added to Baldi's Basics Plus, but due to time constraints I realized I won't be able to get it finished in time to be able to add it to the demo (And of course, once BB+ is out, there will be no need to update the demo). Every time I go to make a field trip I forget just how much longer they can take to complete compared to pretty much all other elements in the game, as they require more unique code, textures, models, audio, etc. than anything else." - Kickstarter Update #34: New Trailer, Release Date Announced, and Survey Reminder!
  2. "The first major update, version 0.2, will come with some new features, including the in-game shop that will put the YTPs to good use! It will also include a handful of new items and events, a new character, and a new field trip." - Plans for the rest of the development cycle!
  3. "No, there will not be any new field trips in 0.2. I'm going to focus on reworking the existing field trips to make them more fun before I add any new one." - Micah McGonigal. August 21, 2020. Gmail