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This is a list of released update patches for Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo.

Update List


This is the first version of the game.


A small update for the demo has just released, fixing a few bugs that were found.
— Changelog, September 16, 2019[1]
  • Fixed crash that would occur when losing an item to a whirlpool or It's A Bully while only having one item in the inventory in the last slot.
  • Fixed swinging doors being collidable for a moment beofe opening.
  • Fixed grappling hook passing through locked swinging doors.
  • Characters should no longer pass through objects when they block an area while right next to the obstruction (Swinging doors, rotohall).
  • Characters should no longer pass through objects when they block an area if it makes the area completely unaccessible (For example, PotT would pass through a locked swinging door if the player locked it in the area with the roto hall while the rotohall was closed).
  • Playtime no longer phases through the level to get to the player under certain circumstances.
  • Hitting the third exit while being swept by Gotta Sweep no longer leaves you with a permanent slow-down effect.
  • You can now click on objects and use items properly while looking backwards (For example, you can now press space and use a BSODA, and it will travel behind you instead of going forward).
  • Updated/Corrected Arts and Crafters' and Playtime's posters.
  • PotT will now stop whistling in order to scold the player immediately, instead of waiting for the whistling to finish before speaking.
  • Whistling will also no longer overlap.
  • Stamina no longer drops when attempting to run while unable to move (For example, running into a corner would cause you to lose stamina)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Playtime to stop moving if a party began while jumping rope.
  • The flood event doesn't slow things down as much as before (Before it multiplied speed by 0.5, now it multiplies speed by 0.75).
  • The tape player now closes when used.


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