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The ultimate version of Baldi's Basics Classic!
— Tagline

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered is a free-to-play game developed by Basically, Games!. It is a recreation of Baldi's Basics Classic, Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, as well as a demo of Baldi's Basics Plus. It uses the Baldi's Basics Plus engine and includes game mechanics from Baldi's Basics Plus, such as the Baldicator, a new stamina bar texture (Staminometer), and a new inventory design. On October 15, 2022, the game's trailer is uploaded, with the release date confirmed to be October 21, 2022,[3] and the release time was 10:00 AM on Eastern Standard Time.[4]

The game came out on PC versions first, then mobile and VR versions will be released later.[5] The mobile version update will replace Baldi's Basics Classic on Google Play and App Store with this game.[6]


Available now!
Welcome to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning!

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered is a survival horror stealth game that parodies cheap 90's edutainment and never takes itself too seriously. Explore Baldi's schoolhouse and try to find all 7 notebooks, but don't get caught by Baldi! He wants to play hide-and-seek, but something... Isn't right. Luckily you have a slew of items you can find and use to your advantage, but Baldi also has friends who can cause problems for you if you're not careful. And remember, Baldi hears every noise you make, so do what you can to stay quiet!

This is the ultimate version of Baldi's Basics Classic!

Escape Baldi's schoolhouse again in this new remastered version of Baldi's Basics Classic! Featuring three games in one, gameplay improvements, a more authentic art style, accessibility improvements, and brand new ways to play! Whether you've played the original or this is your first time, you'll surely have a blast!

Featuring three games in one!

You can experience the original game by playing in Classic Style, or you can try Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, which wraps all the items up and shuffles them around, by playing in Party Style. Anyone who hasn’t played Baldi’s Basics Plus yet can get a taste of some of that game’s features with the new Demo Style, which mixes many of the new elements found in Baldi’s Basics Plus into the classic map! All three styles can also be played in endless mode too, where you can try to collect as many notebooks as possible before getting caught by Baldi!


The game contains three "style" campaign modes the player can choose and play:

Classic Style[]

Main article: Classic Style
Play Hide and Seek with Baldi in this recreation of the original game!
— Style description

Classic Style is a mode that functions like a reworked version of Baldi's Basics Classic.

Party Style[]

Main article: Party Style
All the items are wrapped up and shuffled around! Who knows what's inside!
— Style description

Party Style is a mode that functions like a reworked version of Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.

Demo Style[]

Main article: Demo Style
Get a taste of some of the new content you can find in Baldi's Basics Plus, now in early access!
— Style description

Demo Style is a mode that works as another demo for Baldi's Basics Plus, taking place in the same map as Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash. It has many things from Plus, including randomized items, three characters (Beans, Chalkles, and Cloudy Copter), and the Faculty Nametag item.

Version history[]

See also: Version history
Version history
Version Type Release date Archived links
Version 1.0 Initial release October 21, 2022 (Windows) (Non-Windows)
Version 1.0.1 Minor update October 21, 2022 (Windows) (Non-Windows)
Version 1.0.1a Hotfix for Windows October 21, 2022
Version 1.0.2 Minor update October 22, 2022 (Windows) (Non-Windows)
Version 1.1 Major update October 29, 2022
Game Jolt


  • This is the first Baldi's Basics game to have virtual reality support announced for it.
    • However, the virtual reality support will take a lot of time to be implemented because of the developer's insufficient experience of VR.[7]
    • It is currently unknown what the VR version will look like.
  • This is the first Baldi's Basics game to have achievements revealed for it.
  • It was first revealed in the "Baldi's Basics 3 Year Anniversary Presentation!" video on March 31, 2021.
  • On November 23, 2021, the game had a Steam Store page, along with 5 screenshots.[8]
  • It was originally planned to come out on March 31, 2021, but was delayed due to mystman12 wanting to add some extra surprises.[9]
  • Due to a glitch, the page was broken for several days.[10] The page was finally back up on April 5, 2021.
  • In the development roadmap, this game would be released "shortly" after V0.3.3 of Baldi's Basics Plus comes out.[11] However, it actually took a long time to release this game after this version.[12]
  • Mirror Mode was shown in the presentation and trailers. It was introduced to one of the Fun Settings.
  • In the code files in Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3.3 and V0.3.4, there were script files starting with the name "Classic", such as "ClassicPartyManager" and "ClassicExit", along with some script files that were related to the Baldi's Basics Classic/Birthday Bash features such as "YCTP" and "Filename2". These were the files used for Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered running inside of Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • The SteamDB page updated the release date several times,[13] but mystman12 stated that these dates were placeholders.[14]
  • On July 9, 2022, mystman12 said that there was a long delay because he wanted to make to make the game feel like a finished product.[15]
  • On September 20, 2022, mystman12 posted a low-quality screenshot of this game with cheats featuring multiple Baldis.[16] In this screenshot, the inventory has 5 slots instead of 3 in the trailer.
  • Porting this game on consoles will not be likely, unlike Baldi's Basics Plus.[17]
  • Due to the game using the same framework as Baldi's Basics Plus, several of its assets are left in, even in areas the player can see in-game.
  • The game has Baldi's Basics Classic's speed and balance because it only features one level, which is fairly small.[18]
  • According to the interview with Mark and Veronica from Meeting Halfway YouTube channel, Classic Remastered will have a totally different story from Baldi's Basics Plus when the latter is finished.[19]
  • According to the TetraBitGaming's Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered Unused Content video, Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered would have the same title as Baldi's Basics Classic (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning) and it would have a letter R on the version number to notify that it is a remastered version.[20] However, Valve did not accept the Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning title due to lack of consistency, so mystman12 changed the title to the current one.[21]




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