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This is the Baldi's Basics Classic version list, starting with version 1.0. Version 1.0 is the first version of Baldi's Basics Classic as a prototype upon its release, hence it did not have the version text next to the logo. It was slightly shorter than the more recent updates, with features that were yet to be implemented.



Description Prior update
Baldi's speed would become infinitely fast when the player got 12 or more math problems wrong after collecting 4 or more notebooks, with the ruler-slapping sound glitching. V1.3
Baldi goes much faster after collecting the notebooks, making the game much harder.
Baldi would not slow down when getting more or all problems wrong.


Description Prior update
As soon as she caught the player, she would say "Jump rope ten times in a row. Once you do, I'll let you go! E-he-he-he!" before the jump rope minigame began, making it much longer. V1.1
She would also say "5!" when the player jumped the fifth time, but it and “I wanna play with someone!” overlapped with her saying "Wow! That's great! Let's play again... Sometime soon!"
She could attract Baldi to the player's location once she starts to play with them.
Playtime lacked her own music. V1.3
Without the Safety Scissors implemented, there was no way to cut Playtime's jump rope. Thus, being caught at the time would force the player to play jump rope with no way to end the minigame early, unless Gotta Sweep sweeps the player along with Playtime or the player stands in a door and waits for it to close.
After Playtime said "Oops! You messed up!", the line "Let's try again - from the top! Ready? Go!" is used, making the game take longer to complete when the player did not jump over the rope at the right time. It is still used if the player fails to jump a rope for the second time, but it overlapped with another "Oops! You messed up!" line.
There was text saying "Press the space bar to jump!" during the minigame. It was removed because the controls can now be customized. V1.4

Principal of the Thing

Description Prior update
Principal of the Thing would send the player to detention for eating an Energy flavored Zesty Bar near him due to the "No eating" rule being implemented. V1.3
Principal of the Thing would not send It's a Bully to detention.

It's a Bully

Description Prior update
The Bully can spawn more frequently than normal. V1.1

Gotta Sweep

Gotta Sweep's bristle design is very different, and was later changed in V1.4 due to copyright issues with a real-life broom.

Gotta Sweep's sprite
V1.0 V1.4
Broom.png Gotta Sweep Sprite.png



Description Prior update
There were fewer swinging doors around the halls. V1.3.2
One hallway where the short mailbox comic is found remains lit. V1.4

Principal's office

Description Prior update
Inside the Principal's office, instead of tables, there were some large globes which blocked the player, but prevented Baldi from seeing them if the player hid behind a globe. V1.1
The poster of Arts and Crafters
V1.0 V1.1
Crafters Poster Classic V1.0.png Crafters Poster.png
The poster of Gotta Sweep
V1.0 V1.4.1
Sweep Poster Classic V1.4.png Sweep Poster.png


Description Prior update
The Energy flavored Zesty Bar was not found and there were less tables. V1.1

Outdoor area

The background texture for the outdoor area was completely different. It was the preset skybox texture for Unity games.

Skybox textures
V1.0 V1.3
Sky 0.png
Sky 90.png
Sky 180.png
Sky 270.png
Sky DOWN.png
Sky UP.png



Description Prior update
Notebooks did not refill the stamina. V1.1
There wasn't a yellow notebook. There were two duplicated red notebooks instead. V1.4


Description Prior update
The BSODA had a bug where it could not push any character. V1.2.2
Lacked a sound for using the BSODA. V1.3

Principal's Keys

Description Prior update
Originally simply called "Keys". V1.1

Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape

Description Prior update
Originally called "Tape". V1.1
Instead of playing an annoying noise that would prevent Baldi from hearing, it would play tips about every character in the game.
It was located in a faculty room next to the Principal's office.
There was a lack of the word "Tape" in the "Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape" item name. V1.3


Description Prior update
Quarters could be found in faculty rooms and when Baldi gives one to the player as a reward. They could not spawn randomly in the hallways. V1.3


You Can Think Pad

Description Prior update
If the player got a problem wrong in the first notebook, it would still stay "WOW! YOU EXIST!". V1.1
Every time the player got the third problem wrong after the first notebook, then the "WOW! YOU EXIST!" text would overlap the math problem text, and the "I HEAR EVERY DOOR YOU OPEN" or "I GET ANGRIER FOR EVERY PROBLEM YOU GET WRONG" text would not appear.
You Can Think Pad's design
V1.0 V1.4
YCTP2 NoButtons.png
Check mark
V1.0 V1.4
Check Classic V1.3.2.png Check.png
X mark
V1.0 V1.4
X Classic V1.3.2.png X.png


The unimplemented posters include:

  • "Phone" poster (prior to V1.2.1)
  • "Scissors" poster (prior to V1.3)
  • "NoSquee" poster (prior to V1.3.1)
  • "Boots" poster (prior to V1.4.3)

School rules

Description Prior update
Bullying was not prohibited, but eating food (Energy flavored Zesty Bar) was. This meant that Principal of the Thing would not send It's a Bully to detention, but he could scold the player for eating a Zesty Bar when he was in their sight. V1.3
There were four School Rules posters. One at the starting point, another one in the Principal's office, another in the hallway with the green notebook, and one in the east hallway. The poster in the east hallway was removed in V1.4. V1.4
School Rules poster
V1.0 V1.3
SchoolRulesPoster Classic V1.2.2.png SchoolRulesPoster.png


"Sorry" chalkboard
V1.0 V1.3
Sorry.png Sorry2.png



Description Prior update
The chairs were floating above the ground. V1.2
Furniture model
V1.0 V1.4
Chair Test Mesh Classic V1.3.2.png
Chair Test Mesh.png
Table Test Mesh Classic V1.3.2.png
Table Test Mesh.png
BigDesk Mesh Classic V1.3.2.png
BigDesk Mesh.png
Cafe Test Mesh Classic V1.3.2.png
Cafe Test Mesh.png


Story Mode

Description Prior update
The empty space cannot be clicked. It also applies to the Endless Mode icon. V1.4
Story Mode icon
V1.3 V1.4
Story Selected.png

Endless Mode

Description Prior update
The button was located at the left. V1.4
Endless Mode icon
V1.3 V1.4
Endless Selected.png

Exit button

Description Prior update
The exit button used to be on the bottom left corner rather than being on the top right corner. V1.3.2
Exit button texture
V1.0 V1.4
Exit Classic V1.3.2.png Exit Classic.png

"HOW TO PLAY" button

V1.0 V1.4
Title howto.png How.png

"START" button

V1.0 V1.4
Title start.png Start.png

"BACK" button

V1.0 V1.2 V1.4
Back Classic V1.1.png Title back.png Back.png

Mouse Sensitivity settings

Description Prior update
Mouse Sensitivity settings did not save on the main menu. V1.2
The name of the setting (Turn Sensitivity) was named as "Mouse Sensitivity". V1.4

Unimplemented features






  • Endless Mode (prior to V1.3)
  • Secret codes in the You Can Think Pad (prior to V1.4.1)


  • The Comic Sans MS font was not pixelated. (prior to V1.4)
  • In some classrooms, chairs were floating above the ground. (prior to V1.2)
  • The "HOW TO PLAY" section contained the controls than just the plot. (prior to V1.4)
  • There was no loading screen before the start of the game. (prior to V1.4.1)
  • The quiet noise loop is missing. (prior to V1.3)