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This is a list of released update patches for Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo.

Update List


This is the first version of the game.


Hey everyone, I just updated the demo with a few bug fixes!
— Changelog, April 3, 2020[1]
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to get stuck inside closed elevators when traveling towards them too quickly.
  • Grappling hooks now have a de-spawn delay when you reach them. The result is that they bring you closer to the location they hit and feel nicer to use. As a side effect this also fixes the bug that could cause you to get permanently stuck in doors.
  • Fixed a texture not loading properly in grapple challenge.
  • Quick fix for locker exploit. I removed the hideable locker! I'll look into fixing the issue at its core, but for now this will do.


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