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Try out three Baldi's Basics challenge maps in this new demo of Baldi's Basics Plus!
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Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo, also known as Baldi's Basics Challenge Map Demo, is the second public demo for the two-year anniversary of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning developed by mystman12.[1] This demo contains a new game mode (Challenge Mode) and three pre-generated challenge maps.


Ever since the Baldi's Basics Kickstarter was successfully funded, I've been working on a full version of the game, now officially titled Baldi's Basics Plus! This demo shows a new mode that will be coming to Baldi's Basics Plus, the challenge mode! There are three challenge maps to experience in this demo, but there will be many more to unlock in Baldi's Basics Plus!

Speedy Challenge

It's just you and Baldi in this challenge. The catch is, both of you move super fast! Can you think fast enough to collect 25 notebooks and escape the school?

Stealthy Challenge

You've snuck in school after hours! Surely Principal of the Things will be after you. Use dirty chalk erasers, lockers, and your map to avoid being seen and collect 7 notebooks.

Grapple Challenge

You're legs might be broken, but thankfully you're equipped with an infinite use grappling hook! See if you can outwit Baldi and his friends when this is your only way to move!

This game is still in development!

Remember, this demo is for a game that is still in development, which means that it will likely show the signs of something that is still a work-in-progress. Not all planned features are in the game yet, even some that were in the original game haven't been implemented yet, since I've been prioritizing other areas of development. So if you see something that seems unfinished, that's because it is!

This game is still a horror game!

If you've never heard of Baldi's Basics before, it's important to know that this is not actual edutainment, but it is, in fact, a tongue-in-cheek horror game. It's family friendly, but still includes some things that could scare players. This demo is relatively light on horror-type content though, and the full game will eventually have much more than what is seen here.


  • This demo was firstly mentioned in the project FAQ section on Backerkit,[2] then in a personal Twitter chat between a user and mystman12,[3] Kickstarter reply,[4] and then later mentioned in the thirtieth Kickstarter post.[5]
  • When looking at the code for Baldi's Basics - Challenges Demo via dnSpy, the codes for the Kickstarter exclusive demo version 1.2 are found.




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