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No drinking drinks in the halls!
— Principal of the Thing

BSODA is an inventory item in the Baldi's Basics series.


BSODA is a navy blue can with a gray top and bottom. There is white text showing the slogan: "Restart_Refresh_BSODA". However, the slogan on the small icon is just "BSODA" written diagonally.


The BSODA when used.

BSODA can push almost all characters in the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse, making it useful to temporarily stall Baldi and the other characters, except It's a Bully and Chalkles. When used, it spits out a blue spray that is the same color as the can. If the player presses the "Look back" key or button (Space bar by default) to look backwards before using BSODA, they can spray behind them. BSODA can also be used to open standard doors or swinging doors, but there should be a character being pushed by it. While NPCs are pushed by the BSODA spray, they are unable to move.

If Principal of the Thing sees the player using BSODA, he will scold them for breaking one of the school rules unless they wear the Faculty Nametag or they are in the playground or his office.

The BSODA spray can go through walls, which means it will last until the character being pushed by it runs into a wall or until 30 seconds pass. If the Bully is in its path, any character can be stopped by him.


Main gameplay


BSODA found in a faculty room.

BSODA in Johnny's Store.

BSODA can be found in various ways:

Endless Mode - Medium

BSODA can be found in a faculty room with a Quarter, close to the door.


One of the BSODA items found in the Grapple Challenge.

  • In the Speedy Challenge, one BSODA can be obtained from the BSODA machine. The other two BSODAs can be found in two faculty rooms each.
  • In the Grapple Challenge, two free BSODAs can be found in each faculty room and another can be purchased from the BSODA machine using the Quarter.
  • In the Stealthy Challenge, the BSODA is absent.

Other appearances


  • BSODA is a reference to the Blue Screen of Death, a screen displayed when a critical error occurs on a Windows OS.
    • The BSODA machine's slogan further reflects this.
    • BSODA is a play on the acronym for the Blue Screen of Death: BSoD.
  • While the game itself has a ton of inspirations from Sonic's Schoolhouse, the idea of the BSODA's existence based on the Blue Screen of Death is taken from the Sonic's Schoolhouse's rare error that sometimes causes its operating system to crash to a Blue Screen of Death when attempting to exit the game.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • BSODA is one of the few items to have a unique alternate sprite for inventory slots instead of a resized file, along with the Alarm Clock and the Portal Poster.
  • BSODA's function is similar to Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize. BSODA is an item though, while Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize are characters.
  • The player sprays BSODA instead of drinking it, despite Principal of the Thing's quote "No drinking drinks in the halls!". When analyzed carefully, his claim does not make any sense.
  • The sprite of BSODA's spray seems way bigger than one in Classic/Birthday Bash and also seems to move slower.
Classic/Birthday Bash
  • In the class name of the BSODA's spray (BsodaSparyScript), "Spray" is misspelled as "Spary".
  • BSODA could open swinging doors even if there is no character being pushed.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Prior to V1.3, the sound of spraying BSODA was not implemented.


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • If the player got scolded by Principal of the Thing and he is coming too close to the player after using a BSODA, he can send the player to detention.
    • V0.3.4 BSODA half.png
      Rarely, BSODA's spray will partially clip through the ground after the player gets detention.
  • When using a BSODA on a character while they are moved by something else like Cloudy Copter's wind or the conveyor belt, they can sometimes clip through the BSODA spray. It is unknown whether if it is intentional or a bug.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Prior to V1.2.2, the BSODA spray would pass right through NPCs instead of pushing them back.
  • In Full Game Early Demo and Kickstarter Exclusive Demo, if the player uses BSODA on Baldi while he is eating An Apple, Baldi will hover around the player until he stops eating, which immediately leads to losing a life or leading to a game over if the player does not beat the floor in time or does not have another Apple. This glitch no longer happens in Baldi's Basics Plus.


Baldi's Basics Plus
Audio Description
When BSODA is used.
Classic/Birthday Bash
Audio Description
When BSODA is used.