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Audio is a series of sound clips saved as .wav files and one of the most important features to use for the Baldi's Basics series.



The audio file of the opening doors for example.

Designed as noises, these are used for items (especially when used), structures, events, etc.


The audio file of Baldi's voice for example.

Voices are used mainly for the characters, but not all (e.g., Arts and Crafters and Cloudy Copter).

There are also voice clips heard out of nowhere. The disembodied voice will play when counting down to 10 for the test procedure event, and telling the player to run while Baldi is eating An Apple, although the voice is almost inaudible.

The character voices are done by mystman12, Cady McGonigal, and Padre Snowmizzle.


The audio file of the "School" track for example.

Main article: Soundtrack

Music is mainly used to add tone and atmosphere to an otherwise quiet world. Most music was composed by Cady McGonigal.


The audio file of the "*Crickest chirping*" ambience in the camping field trip.

Main article: Ambience

The purpose of ambience is similar to music as they both add tone and atmosphere to the game. However, ambience is made up of sounds and other noises whilst music is composed of musical notes.

Noise value

In the game files, sounds that attract Baldi have a specific noise value. The values range from 0 to 127.

Here is the list of audio with the noise value in ascending order:

Type Value
Standard doors and swinging doors opening Less than 31
Elevator gate closing 31
Chalkles' spawning 63
Arts and Crafters' teleporting 64
1st Prize's slam effect
Blue locker opening/closing 78
Principal of the Thing's detention 95
Alarm Clock's ringing 112
Buzzing noise from Baldi's Math Machine 126
Mrs. Pomp's screaming
Baldi sees the player 127

There is also a sound that attracted Baldi when it played, but it no longer happens in the current version:

Type Value Prior Update
Camping field trip when the campfire dies out 127 V0.3

If the newer noise has the same or higher value than the previous one, then it will overwrite the previous sound. For example, if Mrs. Pomp screams at the player for being late at her class while Baldi heads to the Principal's office due to detention, then he will change the direction to the center of her classroom, unless he sees them while heading to her classroom.