— Arts and Crafters charging at the Player.

Arts and Crafters is a large sock-puppet of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse.


Arts and Crafters is a white and gray long-sleeved sock-puppet sporting googly eyes (the right eye being bigger than the left as well as reflecting the room if looking closely), with a black mouth and a red tongue made out of cardboard. The black mouth is only slightly visible when his mouth is closed and his tongue can only be seen when he opens his mouth. Observing, Arts and Crafters is being worn by a right hand.

Based on the scaling of Baldi's ruler, the height of Arts and Crafters is about 8.1 feet (246.89 centimeters), not including the space between him and the ground.


Arts and Crafters first seems to have a shy personality, preferring to stay by himself and avoid other people. However, after the Player collects all the notebooks on the floor, he ultimately becomes more aggressive, starting to run after the Player out of jealousy for having more notebooks than himself when in front of his sight. He does not emit any audio containing words, but only makes a static-resembled sound.

Arts and Crafters can be inferred to be an artist, writer, or scrapbooker, as he has a peculiarly large number of notebooks, and his jealousy could stem from the thought that because the Player has so many notebooks, they are more prolific than him in his field of work.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay

When the Player begins the game, Arts and Crafters will avoid being seen by the Player. He disappears around corners when the Player steps into his view, and becomes invisible if the Player gets close enough. The Player will more commonly find him down at the end of a hallway, rather than around a corner. He will never be seen inside of a room (except finding him on his spawn point), instead sticking only to hallways.

Once the maximum amount of notebooks in the Hide-and-Seek mode, or seven or more in Endless mode are collected, Arts and Crafters will become hostile towards the Player and only then will he become an antagonist. If the Player makes eye contact with Arts and Crafters for more than a second, his mouth opens and he will charge at the Player at an exceedingly high speed, emitting a loud static-like roaring noise. If he fully reaches the Player, in the full game he starts running in circles around the Player, gaining speed and becoming more distorted until he teleports the Player to a random location. When provoked, Arts and Crafters moves at such a high speed while charging the Player that he is occasionally unable to turn around corners, causing him to continuously miss the entrance to a perpendicular hallway. He can be temporarily avoided in this phase if the Player enters a room since he does not go inside rooms himself, but he must eventually be interacted with along the path to beating the floor, as he is too fast to evade in the halls.


Arts and Crafters in the Principal's Office.

If the Player repeatedly looks back while facing Arts and Crafters to avoid looking directly at him for too long, he will not become provoked and will continue moving normally. He will also remain calm if the Player is facing away from him but looking back at him. Using BSODA on Arts and Crafters will push him away while chasing the Player, making BSODA a defense mechanism. This is usually wasteful as he will quickly return to top speed after the BSODA leaves him behind; it is only recommended if the Player is very close to the final elevator. The Player can also avoid being chased by him if they use a Faculty Nametag.

Arts and Crafters can also move in some cases:

Field Trips


Arts and Crafters seen in the Field Trip demo: Camping.

In the camping field trip, Arts and Crafters will only start attacking the Player if they wander behind the "NO" signs. He will endlessly loop around aimlessly in an attempt to catch the Player until he can teleport them to the fireplace, and take the Player's logs away. Arts and Crafters will even teleport angry Baldi back to the same place with the Player after spawning if the campfire is out.

Other Appearances


Arts and Crafters charging at the Player in the classic edition.

  • In Baldi's Basics Classic, Arts and Crafters has the same behavior as in the full game. He spawns in the Cafeteria and he will only attack if the Player collected all 7 notebooks. If the Player is caught, he will then teleport them and Baldi to the starting point of the game. He will not spawn again afterward, which means he only appears once per game. This occurs in both Story Mode and Endless Mode. When he reaches the Player, Arts and Crafters will instantly teleport the Player and Baldi to the T-shaped hallway where the game begins, it can be helpful because the Player can use this teleport to quickly reach the final exit after the other three have been activated. Even without running, it is possible to just barely avoid being caught by Baldi after teleporting there, so it comes in handy if the Player has run out of stamina and is about to be caught.

Arts and Crafters appearing with the original cast for a birthday surprise in Birthday Bash.

  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, Arts and Crafters is one of the few characters not to wear any birthday accessories. Furthermore, he wasn't able to shout out a word to surprise the Player with the original cast near the end after reaching the last exit in the Cafeteria. Instead, he just opens his mouth and does a small version of his static.


  • In his first appearance of the classic edition, Arts and Crafters' sprite is in complete quality and entirely undithered, having the highest resolution sprite in the game. This was changed since the early demo.
  • Arts and Crafters is a wordplay of "Arts and crafts".
  • Arts and Crafters was originally intended to speak actual words instead of just screeching, as mystman12 has confirmed that the "Let's play!" line was originally for him before he realized that it would fit Playtime more.[1]
  • Arts and Crafter's audio originates from a ROM corruption of the Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • Arts and Crafters' charging sprite is referred to as Crafters_Ohno.png in the texture files. The "Ohno" word is also shared for the both the sound file when the 99's game over jumpscare occurs and The Test's model. Whether these have a deeper lore connection similar to number 99 is unknown.
  • Arts and Crafters is the second fastest character when charging. He is so fast that he often misses the entrance to a hallway, as well as being faster than 1st Prize and Gotta Sweep.
  • If looking carefully at Arts and Crafters when charging at the Player, the hand inside of him appears more vividly, grasping to make his mouth open.
  • Arts

    The sock puppet used to create Arts and Crafters in the Kickstarter video.

    In the Kickstarter video, mystman12 can be seen hitting Arts and Crafters with his ruler.[2]
  • Arts and Crafters was intended to have a beanie plush, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.
  • Arts and Crafters keeps accelerating, making him really fast when using hacks to not get caught.
  • In the Kickstarter exclusive demo, there is a chance that Arts and Crafters can teleport the Player onto a merry-go-round if the floor they are on has a Playground.
  • In floor 2 and 3, there is a very rare chance that Arts and Crafters can teleport the Player to the Mystery Room without the Mystery Room event starting.
  • Arts and Crafters' design was inspired by Sussie from The Amazing World of Gumball when mystman12 tried to edit a picture of Sussie in the dark from far away. [3]
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • Map edited

    A full map in 3D model program showing the invisible Arts and Crafters triggers.

    Arts and Crafters can be controlled by eight triggers, but these triggers can only be seen in the 3D model map. However, the map does not show other two triggers.[4]
  • Seen in an earlier release of the game, Arts and Crafters' old description said: "Truly an incredible sock puppet. I've never seen one like it!!". It was changed for giving no hints of what he would do.
    • The updated poster also reveals his true gender, unlike his older poster that simply referred to Arts and Crafters as an "it". This was likely referring to the sock puppet, not Arts and Crafters himself.
    • His early description was strangely used for the first version of the early demo but quickly fixed in an update patch.
  • If using hacking tools by enabling the characters' names to be visible, it is revealed that Arts and Crafters becomes invisible rather than truly vanishing. He will turn invisible once the Player gets close enough.
  • If the Player moves fast enough to enter a room before Arts and Crafters catches them, they'll get stuck in there, because getting out will have Arts and Crafters catching them, and Arts and Crafters constantly zips back and forth in front of the door, unless the room has more than one door.


Quote Subtitles Description
CFT Intro
*STATIC* Short sound that plays when Arts and Crafters first charges at the Player.

WARNING: LOUD! For loud template

CFT Loop
Plays right after the previous sound. Once the sound has finished playing, it will repeat.

WARNING: LOUD! For loud template




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