There are two random art walls found on the Hallway walls in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.

Mailbox Comic

A poorly-drawn comic with four slides that can be found on the wall, depicting a humanoid figure reminiscent of Baldi himself. The first slide shows the figure standing next to a mailbox, saying "Ladies and gentalmen." (notice the word "gentleman" is misspelled as "gentalmen"). The second slide depicts him showing the readers the mailbox as he says "As you can see... This is a mailbox." The third slide pictures him reaching towards the mailbox while saying "I shall open it!" The fourth and last slide shows him attempting to open the mailbox with his teeth, as he states "Wif my teeth!!" (notice that the word "With" is misspelled as "Wif")

Sketch Drawing

A strange drawing is seen on one of the walls showing a simple sketch of a man's face.

End Signs

In Field Trip demo, there are four end signs that have no purpose other than leading to Principal of the Thing's easter egg.


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