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Ambience is (occasionally quiet) sound effects with the purpose to fit the background, atmosphere, mood or simply to add suspense.


Random Ambience

Random Ambience is the successor to the prior ambience system. Rather than relying on pathfinding, the new system instead waits a random amount of time from 90 to 300 seconds, selects a random tile to play the sound effect, and then waits another 90 to 300 seconds to start the process all over again.

Filename Name Audio



(Classic/Birthday Bash)

ambience1 creepy sound
A heavy breathing sound. At the end of the clip, a sound that sounds extremely similar to the ticking sound the Alarm Clock makes can be heard.
ambience2 dulcimer
A buzzsaw.
ambience3 fret
A strange, chicken-like clucking. It is actually an edited guitar fret audio. In Music Maker, the sound effect is "120 Guitar Fret Noise" and edited with 2B.
ambience4 noise
A pulsating synth.
ambience5 tone
A much quieter version of the Loud Noise's last part. If the start of the sound was made louder, a static sound can be heard before the sound that is supposed to be heard starts.
ambience6 N/A
N/A A quiet metallic rumbling sound.

The Test's Ambience

The Test's Ambience is a noise made by The Test while the Player is looking at him or during the "blind" effect.




Crickets is an outdoor background noise consisting of cricket chirps where is heard during the camping field trip. Prior to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.3, the sound's speed would decrease each time when the campfire gets dimmer.

Cafe Ambience

Cafe Ambience is heard inside the Cafeteria, mainly in the center of this location. The strange ambient itself is extremely quiet, and if the volume is turned up high enough, one can hear the sound of the quiet radio static along with something like sounds from children in an elementary school class. If the silent parts were to be normalized, it can be heard that the part of the sound was put in silence.


Glambience plays during the ending section of Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash in the Glitched School. This ambience is filled with glitchy static and plays very quick ruler slapping sounds out of occasional sudden.


  • Prior to the random ambience found in Baldi's Basics Plus since V0.3.3, there was "pathfinding ambience" found in Baldi's Basics Classic and Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash; which only had ambience 1 to 5, had slightly higher quality to the sound effect, and had proper names for the file instead.
    • The way the ambience system worked in Classic/Birthday Bash was: brief random noises heard on occasions play from the pathfinding code. When a character finds a new location to walk to, there is a 1 in 49 chance (roughly 2% chance) that a random sound will play.
    • Some of the ambient sound effects from Baldi's Basics Plus sounds noticeably more distorted, mainly ambience5, previously known as tone.
  • The "creepy sound" audio, which sounds like heavy breathing, was actually recorded around 2009. This was revealed by mystman12 in his stream.[1]
  • The Cafe Ambience was recorded years before mystman12 started the development for Baldi's Basics Classic,[2] however, the audio's origin is unconfirmed.
  • Glambience's name is likely a portmanteau name of "glitch" and "ambience".


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