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Alarm Clock is an inventory item in the Baldi's Basics series.


The Alarm Clock has a blue rim with two black stands on the bottom of it. There are four lines signifying 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00. The clock has a white interior with the word "TIME" on it, replacing the arms, and two golden bells on the top. Although the Alarm Clock appears to be small as an item to pick up, it appears to become much bigger when the Player places it.

Despite the clock having no hands, it still works just fine.


Alarm Clock in action.

After using the item, the clock will be put down on the floor, and 30 seconds later, it will start ringing. Once it starts ringing, Baldi will become aware of it and begin moving towards it. Baldi prioritizes the Alarm Clock's ringing noise over any sound with a noise value lower than 112 and will continue to move towards it until he either reaches it or sees the Player. This means that until Baldi reaches the Alarm Clock's location, the Player can open doors and blue lockers, reach exits or elevators and even get sent to detention without Baldi noticing (as long as the Player does not enter Baldi's line of sight). Alarm Clock will also have an after-effect on Baldi's hearing for a short time.[1][2]

However, some audios with higher value than 112 can overwrite the Alarm Clock's ringing noise. These sounds are Baldi's Math Machine's buzzing noise and Mrs. Pomp's screaming; the noise value of both sounds is 126. If one of these sounds plays before the Alarm Clock rings, Baldi will go to the source of this sound first, then he will go to the chunk where the Alarm Clock was placed on.

If the Alarm Clock rings in the library, it does not attract Baldi.


Alarm Clock found a classroom.

The Alarm Clock is commonly obtained from classrooms and faculty rooms.

Other Appearances

Alarm Clock in Baldi's Basics Classic.

Alarm Clock in action in Baldi's Basics Classic.


  • The left side of the clock appears to be slightly broken, as the pixels do not match up.
  • The clock has no collision, so it can be illogically passed through.
  • Placing an Alarm Clock outside of the Super Schoolhouse or Schoolhouse will result in Baldi heading towards the clock (therefore heading out of bounds) and staying in that position once the Alarm Clock rings.
  • It has similarities to Tape Player and Pay Phone, except it does not affect Baldi's hearing until after a 30-second delay, and the time Baldi is distracted for depends on how far away he is from it when it activates.


Audio Subtitle Description
*Ticking* Before the Alarm Clock is ringing.
*Alarm clock RIIIING!* Alarm Clock's ringing sound. It will disappear after the sound ends.


Baldi's Basics Field Trip demo: Camping


  1. "For those wondering, the alarm clock, when dropped, will go off after 30 seconds. When it does, Baldi will hear it and go towards it. This takes priority over a lot of sounds, even detention, and he'll pay no attention to most other sounds until he sees you or reaches the clock." - mystman12. June 29, 2018. Twitter
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