For a character with a similar name, see 0th Prize.
Note: 1st Prize is currently not included in the full game yet due to the new AI system.
— 1st Prize's rare quote while idle.

1st Prize is a robotic character in Baldi's Basics Plus.


1st Prize is a poorly modeled CGI robot for the Science Fair with an aqua (or cyan) "gym cage" as a body that has caterpillar wheels, round hands each sporting five stubby fingers, and a large crimson heart connected to its head by wires inside its torso. Its spherical head has a rectangular mouth and cut out section revealing large googly eyes with extremely long pointy pupils.

Based on the scaling of Baldi's ruler, the total height of 1st Prize is about 6.7 feet (204,22 centimeters) . His height up to the top middle pipe is about 4 feet (121,92 centimeters).


1st Prize is a loving robot who loves to hug, showing that it is compassionate towards others. 1st Prize thinks that everyone is its friend, and is very loving since it always asks to marry the Player, but dislikes when it loses the Player. It also seems to be unaware of hazards until the last minute, an example is being pushed by it straight into Baldi similar to Gotta Sweep.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay

1st prise push

1st Prize pushing the Player.

When 1st Prize notices the Player, it will turn around very slowly until it is facing them and then accelerate forward, pushing the Player down the corridor. If the Player uses Safety Scissors on 1st Prize to cut its wires, it will slow down and spin around for 15 seconds before returning back to normal. It takes a total of 24 seconds for 1st Prize to make a full 360 turn (not counting while its wires are cut).

1st Prize can be used to push the Player down Hallways quickly, which is very helpful when trying to escape Baldi. 1st Prize can also interrupt Playtime's mini-game by pushing the Player while they're jump roping. 1st Prize can also be a hindrance, as it can smash the Player up against a wall for a few moments, blocking their sight and ability to move. It can also accidentally push the Player directly into Baldi. However, 1st Prize can't push Baldi, so it can't push Baldi into the Player. It'll only go right through him, unlike Gotta Sweep.

It is similar in function to Gotta Sweep in that it can push the Player around the school. However, 1st Prize is always active and always goes for the Player, while Gotta Sweep is only active part of the time and follows its own path. The Player can use Big Ol' Boots to pass through 1st Prize when it attempts to push them.

Other Appearances


1st Prize appearing with the original cast for a birthday surprise.

  • In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, 1st Prize does not appear to wear any birthday-related accessories like the rest of the original characters. It now makes a loud thud when colliding with a wall in this version, however. At the end of the game when the Player reaches the last door in the Cafeteria, 1st Prize will show up with the other characters to shout out a birthday surprise for them.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, 1st Prize can be found in the same Faculty Room where the Grappling Hook is located. Although it is seen from all sides, it remains deactivated as it hadn't been programmed yet due to the AI.


  • 1st Prize is the first character to have a complete 360° view, meaning it can be seen in multiple angles.
  • 1st Prize is the first character that talks in text-to-speech. The text-to-speech voice for 1st Prize is from Dr. Sbaitso, but slowed down.[1]
    • After accessing the voice parameters in Dr. Sbaitso with .param and pressing enter, the parameters for 1st Prize's voice are:
      • Normal: 0930 and type say (quote).
      • Birthday Bash edition: 0951. For the quote from the game itself, type say su u u er preeize!.
  • The reason 1st Prize's idle sounds are so rare is because of the fact 1st Prize only has a 1 in 9 chance (or an 11% chance) of saying an idle quote once it reaches its location without seeing the Player. And due to the fact it moves very slowly while idle makes this even rarer.
  • It is unknown how 1st Prize recovers from being cut by Safety Scissors.
  • In the Baldi's Basics Plus early access trailer, 1st Prize is seen for the first time in the full game.[2] However, due to the new navigation system being non-physics based, getting his physics based movement working correctly poses many challenges.
  • He is one of the four characters to not be voiced by mystman12, the others are Beans, Chalkles, and Mrs. Pomp.
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • 1st Prize's sprite seems to be strangely smaller than usual when appearing in the Cafeteria for the birthday surprise. It remains facing the front as its sprite also rotates with the camera in said scene rather than moving in different angles.
  • When sped up, 1st Prize's sound when colliding with a wall sounds like the creator hitting a table.
  • According to mystman12's reply via Baldi's Basics Classic V1.4.3 Changelog post, 1st Prize's loud thud will not be added in the other versions, due to it being buggy in Birthday Bash edition and not working properly as it plays anytime when touching walls.[3]
Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo
  • 1st Prize does nothing due to mystman12 working on making characters work on randomly generated levels because of the new AI method.[citation needed]


Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In V1.3, Principal of the Thing put the Player in detention for being pushed by 1st Prize. This was fixed in V1.3.1.
  • Before the 1.4 update, the Player could avoid 1st Prize if they were touching the side of a locker.
  • If 1st Prize is pushing the Player while Arts and Crafters charges, Arts and Crafters will not teleport the Player to Baldi, he will instead go right through them.
  • In mystman12's live stream of his game, he noticed 1st Prize sometimes slides around when it tries to turn a corner. Then, he goes on to note that the function is not intentional, and will be fixed in the full game.[4]


Since this character is not implemented in the full game, the subtitles are subject to change.

Quote Subtitles Description
1PR AmComing-sharedassets2.assets-528
"I AM COMING READY OR NOR HERE I COME" When noticing the Player.
1PR ISeeYou-sharedassets2.assets-534
1PR HaveLost-sharedassets2.assets-526
"I HAVE LOST YOU - I DON'T LIKE THAT" When the Player gets away or 1st Prize's wires are cut.
1PR OhNo-sharedassets2.assets-599
"OH - no"
1PR IHug-sharedassets2.assets-525
"I HUG PEOPLE FOR ALL ETERNITY" While pushing the Player.
1PR Marry-sharedassets2.assets-602
1PR AmLooking-sharedassets2.assets-567
"I AM LOOKING FOR YOU" While idle. (Rarely)
I have been programmed
Birthday Bash
Quote Transcript Description
1PR Surprise-sharedassets2.assets-669
"SU U U ER PREEIZE!" When the Player reaches the normal ending.

Sound Subtitles Description
1PR Motor
1st Prize's main sound.
*SLAM!* Plays when 1st Prize is colliding with a wall. This plays in the Birthday Bash edition only.

WARNING: LOUD! For loud template


Other Textures

Baldi's Basics Classic



  1. "1st Prize's voice is from this old program:" - mystman12. June 5, 2018. Twitter.
  3. "Yeah, I considered adding it in, but I found it to be a bit too buggy in Birthday Bash and I'm not really sure how to get it to work right, so I decided not to add it to the original version." - mystman12. June 19, 2019.
  4. "He's not supposed to turn like that. See, that's one of the problems the way that I have the characters' set up, there are controllers at the moment that I plan to fix in the full game, sometimes they can just slide around and do weird things like that, which is not at all intentional." - Livestream archive




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