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For a character with a similar name, see 0th Prize.

— 1st Prize, while wandering around

1st Prize is the Science Fair's robot character of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse.


1st Prize is a poorly 3D modeled CGI robot for the Science Fair with a teal "gym cage" as a body that has oval wheels, round hands each sporting five stubby fingers, and a large crimson heart connected to his head by wires inside his torso. His spherical head has a rectangular mouth and cut out section revealing large googly eyes with extremely long pointy pupils.


1st Prize is a loving robot who loves to hug, showing that he is compassionate towards others. 1st Prize thinks that everyone is his friend, and is very loving since he always asks to marry the player, but dislikes when he loses the player. He also seems to be unaware of hazards until the last minute, an example is being pushed by him straight into Baldi similar to Gotta Sweep.

Artificial Intelligence

Main Gameplay

1st Prize coming towards the player.

When 1st Prize notices the player, he will turn around very slowly until he is facing them and then accelerate forward, pushing the player down the hallway. If the player uses Safety Scissors on 1st Prize to cut his wires, he will slow down and spin around for 30 seconds (15 seconds in Classic/Birthday Bash) before returning to normal and the time will be accumulated if the player uses another Safety Scissor while 1st Prize is malfunctioning. It takes a total of 24 seconds for 1st Prize to make a full 360 turn (not counting while his wires are cut).

1st Prize can be used to push the player down hallways quickly, which is very helpful when trying to escape Baldi. 1st Prize can also interrupt Playtime's mini-game by pushing the player while they are jump roping. 1st Prize can also be a hindrance, as he can smash the player up against a wall for a few moments, blocking their sight and ability to move. He can also accidentally push the player directly into Baldi. However, 1st Prize cannot push Baldi, so he cannot push Baldi into the player. He will only go right through him, unlike Gotta Sweep.

He has a similar function to Gotta Sweep in that he can push the player around the school. However, 1st Prize is always active and always goes for the player, while Gotta Sweep is only active part of the time and follows his own path. The player can use Big Ol' Boots to pass through 1st Prize when he attempts to push them.

Other Appearances

  • 1st Prize pushing the player in Baldi's Basics Classic.

    In Baldi's Basics Classic, 1st Prize spawns in the darker hallway where the mailbox comic is. While 1st Prize pushes the player, their stamina will not be refilled.
  • 1st Prize appearing with the original cast for a birthday surprise.

    In Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash, 1st Prize does not appear to wear any birthday-related accessories like the rest of the original characters. He now makes a loud thud when colliding with a wall in this version, however. At the end of the game when the player reaches the last exit in the cafeteria, 1st Prize will show up with the other characters to shout out a birthday surprise for them. Like Classic, the player's stamina will not be recovered while 1st Prize pushes them.
  • In Baldi's Basics Full Game Early Demo, 1st Prize can be found in the same faculty room where the Grappling Hook is located. Although he is seen from all sides, he remains deactivated.


  • 1st Prize is the only character that talks in text-to-speech. The text-to-speech voice for 1st Prize is from Dr. Sbaitso, but slowed down.[1]
    • After accessing the voice parameters in Dr. Sbaitso with .param and pressing enter, the parameters for 1st Prize's voice are:
      • Normal: 0930 and type say (quote).
      • Birthday Bash edition: 0951. For the quote from the game itself, type say suuuerpreeize!.
  • Although 1st Prize is a robot and is called as "it" in his description, mystman12 calls him as a male in some of his posts and livestream.
  • In Baldi's Valentine card, 1st Prize's heart is seen.
Baldi's Basics Plus
  • 1st Prize is one of the 2 characters to have a complete 360° view (meaning he can be seen in multiple angles). The second character is The Test, but his head does not count.
  • If 1st Prize is moving towards Cloudy Copter's wind, he will just flicker rapidly, unless he is trying to push the player.
  • If the player hides behind 1st Prize in the corner of hallway, 1st Prize will say his rare voicelines.
  • The reason 1st Prize's idle sounds are so rare is because of the fact 1st Prize only has a 1 in 9 chance (or an 11% chance) of saying an idle quote once he reaches his location without seeing the player, and due to the fact he moves very slowly while idle makes this even rarer.
  • It is unknown how 1st Prize recovers from being cut by Safety Scissors.
  • In the early access trailer, 1st Prize is seen for the first time in Baldi's Basics Plus. However, due to the new navigation system being non-physics based, getting his physics based movement working correctly posed many challenges.[2]
    • About a month later, mystman12 stated that he got 1st Prize working again in a good way and planned to add him back in V0.2,[3] but there was a glitch that 1st Prize did not spawn in that version. This was fixed in V0.2.1.
  • In V0.2.1, Safety Scissors did not effect him.[4]
  • He is one of the five characters to not be voiced by mystman12, the others being Beans, Chalkles, Mrs. Pomp and Johnny.
  • If 1st Prize is chasing the player and gets hit by Beans' gum, then he will be slowed down until he breaks free, going really fast and crashing into the player, with both going right into the wall right ahead of him, unless the player gets away from 1st Prize while he is stuck.
  • Prior to V0.3, 1st Prize's personal subtitle color was usually crimson.
    • His motor running sound's subtitle color was white before the V0.3 update.
  • Like Baldi and The Test, the Faculty Nametag does not affect him. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Unlike in Baldi's Basics Classic and Birthday Bash, 1st Prize's rare voicelines are not that rare in Baldi's Basics Plus.
  • When 1st Prize is accelerating to the player, his motor sound's pitch gets higher.
Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash
  • 1st Prize's sprite seems to be strangely smaller than usual when appearing in the Cafeteria for the birthday surprise. He remains facing the front as his sprite also rotates with the camera in said scene rather than moving in different angles.
  • When sped up, 1st Prize's sound when colliding with a wall sounds like mystman12 hitting a table.
  • According to Basically, Games!'s reply via Baldi's Basics Classic V1.4.3 Changelog post, 1st Prize's loud thud will not be added in the classic edition, due to it being buggy in Birthday Bash edition and not working properly as it plays anytime when touching walls.[5]


Baldi's Basics Plus
  • Sometimes, 1st Prize will clip through the walls when pushing the player.
  • 1st Prize pushing the player will make all the voices of characters who are talking nearby, be heavily distorted.
  • If 1st Prize sees the player through a locked swinging door, then he will turn away from the player, but not move.
  • If Principal of the Thing gives the player detention or Arts and Crafters tries to teleport them while 1st Prize pushes them, sometimes the player will not teleport to the Principal's office or near the elevator.
    • mystman12 has stated that he is considering adding this bug as an intentional feature.[6]
    • V0.3.4 detention goes wrong.png
      In rare occasions, the player will be teleported to the outside of the building.
  • If 1st Prize finishes pushing the player to the end of a hallway and the player does not move after he pushes them, then 1st Prize will keep turning from side to side, if the player moves, he will then resume normal behavior.
    • Using Safety Scissors on 1st Prize will also result in him resuming normal behavior.
Baldi's Basics Classic
  • In V1.3, Principal of the Thing put the player in detention for being pushed by 1st Prize. This was fixed in V1.3.1.
  • Before the V1.4 update, the player could avoid 1st Prize if they were touching the side of a locker.
  • If 1st Prize is pushing the player while Arts and Crafters charges, Arts and Crafters will not teleport the player to Baldi; he will instead go right through them.
  • In mystman12's live stream of playing the game, he noticed 1st Prize sometimes slides around when he tries to turn a corner. Then, he goes on to note that the function is not intentional and it was planned to be fixed in Baldi's Basics Plus.[7]



Quote Subtitle Description
I AM COMING READY OR NOR HERE I COME When noticing the player.
I HAVE LOST YOU - I DON'T LIKE THAT When the player gets away or 1st Prize's wires are cut.
OH - no
I HUG PEOPLE FOR ALL ETERNITY While pushing the player.
I AM LOOKING FOR YOU While wandering around.
Birthday Bash
Quote Transcript Description
SUUUERPREEIZE! When the player reaches the normal ending.


Sound Subtitle Description
*Motor running* 1st Prize's main sound.
*SLAM! (unused) The bang when 1st Prize is colliding with a wall. This plays in Birthday Bash only.



Other Textures

Baldi's Basics Classic



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