For a character with a similar name, see 1st Prize.

0th Prize is an Easter egg-like "character" making his first debut in Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash.


0th Prize is a poorly-drawn human character wearing a salmon orange cap and overalls, purple shirt, brown shoes, and holding a green broom without visible hands. His face is mostly drawn with black pencil.

Based on the scaling of Baldi's ruler, 0th Prize is about 6 feet (182,88 centimeters) tall, not including his cap.



0th Prize found ingame.

He only appears at the end of the corridor from the Glitched School's right side as just an inanimate poster wall.


IMG 20190330 200349

The original non-dithered drawing.

  • 0th Prize originated from Gotta Sweep's early artwork, as mystman12 originally tried making Gotta Sweep an actual human-looking janitor in a PilotRedSun-like style. However, mystman12 disliked his result and scrapped the design in the end.[1]
  • His name is similar to and may or may not be based on 1st Prize's.
  • 0th Prize's appearance is similar to Mario's in the Mario franchise, or more specifically, his original outfit.
  • Unlike the original artwork, the color of 0th Prize's face is same as the broom he holds. It is most likely due to the color limitation to use the dithering effect.
    • 0th Prize's sprite in the game is also horizontally flipped due to the way Unity handles rotation.


  1. "Gotta Sweep could have ended up being a very different character if I hadn't been so low on time! Before just going with the broom, I tried painting an actual janitor in Colors! 3D. I was trying to go for a PilotRedSun sort of style, but I ended up not liking what I came up with." - mystman12. March 30, 2019. Twitter




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